Competition Between China & US Fuelling Growth of the Quantum Ecosystem, Says Sabrina Maniscalco, Co-founder & CEO of Algorithmiq

Global Frontrunner

In an excellent article published in Fortune in September, The U.S., China, and Europe are ramping up a quantum computing arms race. Here’s what they’ll need to do to win, the writers give their view on which country will come out on top.

As expected, they believe the US is and will be “the global frontrunner”, though China will certainly be “breathing down its neck”.

Closer to home, The Quantum Insider (TQI) recently published an insightful piece by Anders Liman, a graduate student studying Tech Ethics and Science Policy at Duke University and a Tech Policy Researcher at the Responsible AI Institute.

In Competing Interests, Competing Ideals, and Unwanted Hype in Quantum Computing, and ways to Address Them: Global Quantum Computing Policy, Liman focused on competing interests and ideals:

The challenge of competing interests is further heightened when there are competing ideals. This is more likely to occur internationally. It may happen between two nations that value democracy or intellectual property to differing degrees. It may also happen between two nations who see the government’s role in scientific innovation differently.

It’s obvious who he’s talking about.

Maniscalco Talks

This topic again came up during the week at the Websummit in Lisbon, Portugal. Sabrina Maniscalco, Co-founder and CEO of Algorithmiq and a Professor of Computing and Logic at the University of Helsinki, was at the conference to give the keynote speech Bringing quantum to life and panel discussion Accelerating medical breakthroughs through deep tech.

She was also interviewed by CGTN Europe (owned by China Media Group), giving her opinion on the quantum global race between the US and China.

“Maybe in fifteen years from now we will have error-corrected quantum computers, Maniscalco began, “with applications using the most famous algorithms that have been discovered. For example, for cryptography, finance, logistics, so a lot is going on.”

Maniscalco believes a lot remains to be seen, but they promise, she noted, that they will be disruptive and change technologies in a fundamental and big way.

She was then asked whether these technologies would create a global sensation and race to the top.

Fuelling The Growth

“I’m sure about it. And I think the competition between the different countries, including China, the US and many countries worldwide is actually fuelling the growth of the ecosystem,” said Maniscalco. “I’m sure that very soon there will be clear applications that have industrial relevance.”

Underlining that they will be disruptive and devoid of incremental change, Algorithmiq’s CEO expressed her view that it’s going to be a change in the way we live, clear and simple.

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Feature image: CGTN Europe

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