Archer Reports First Indication of On-Chip Qubit Control

Archer announced it has an early indication of on-chip qubit control in microscopic-scale qubit material.

PRESS RELEASE: Archer Materials Limited (ASX:AXE) announced early indication of on-chip qubit control in microscopic-scale qubit material, which marks significant progress as part of the Company’s 12CQ quantum computing chip development.

Archer recently characterised, optimised and unoptimised custom-built quantum control devices for initial qubit control measurements, and also developed advanced device designs.

This ASX announcement reports the first indication of on-chip qubit control in microscopic-scale qubit material.

On-chip qubit control of few and single qubits would validate 12CQ chip viability With the early indication of on-chip qubit controlthe Company’s 12CQ quantum computing chip technology development continues and is on track towards achieving ‘qubit control’ under various qubit environments, including few and single qubits.

Superconducting on a chip
Measuring quantum information residing on qubit materials using chip devices. An example
of a specially fabricated superconducting on-chip resonator semiconductor device.

Device fabrication and characterisation measurements are being performed by Archer staff at various lab facilities. For the first time, Archer has recorded the Continuous Wave Electron Spin Resonance — cwESR — signals arising from a specially fabricated superconducting on-chip resonator semiconductor device integrating microscopic quantities of qubits.

Initial results indicate the obtained on-chip cw-ESR signal signature is characteristic of the qubit material. Importantly, the on-chip cw-ESR signal signature was found to be in excellent agreement with the well-studied, repeatable, and scientifically published signal obtained from room-temperature measurements performed on macroscopic (‘bulk’) quantity qubits using cw-ESR instruments.

qubit placement
The ultraprecise placement of a microscopic cluster of qubit material on a cw-ESR signal detection area.

Commenting on the recent progress in qubit control, Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said,“Archer is making significant progress towards on-chip qubit control as part of its 12CQ chip development. We have the strongest indication yet that on-chip control of quantum information in our qubit material is within reach and entirely possible under miniaturisation conditions required for any future chip operation.”

Archer is a technology company that builds advanced semiconductor devices, including processor chips that are relevant to quantum computing. Archer’s 12CQ is a world-first qubit processor technology that would allow for mobile quantum computing powered devices. For more information, please view Archer’s webinar with IBM.

Matt Swayne
Matt Swayne
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