Dell Technologies Continues to Make Progress With Quantum Computing Initiatives

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  • Dell Technologies has recently announced initiatives that involved quantum computing.
  • The company has developed a strategic collaboration with Aramco to explore the use of advanced computing in the energy sector.
  • Dell also released information about its hybrid classical/quantum platform.

Dell Technologies hasn’t done a lot of arm waving in the quantum industry, but recent news shows it is steadily gaining traction in the field. Recently, the company announced it was developed a strategic collaboration with Aramco to explore energy sector innovations, which includes the use of quantum, as well as introduced a hybrid classical/quantum platform developed with IonQ.

Dell Technologies Partners With Aramco

Dell Technologies and Aramco recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore potential advancements in quantum computing, artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, and advanced computing architectures, including quantum computing, CXODX reports. This collaboration aims to address complex challenges in various fields, including energy optimization, predictive maintenance, weather modeling, and materials science.

The collaboration is particularly significant for the energy sector, where these technologies can drive innovation and operational optimization. Scientists have already identified several processes in the sector that would benefit from quantum technologies, once fully developed.

Nabil Al Nuaim, Senior Vice President of Digital and Information Technology at Aramco, said AI and quantum computing offer transformative potential in the energy sector.

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“Technologies such as AI and quantum computing offer unparalleled processing capabilities and could be gamechangers in the energy sector. The potential is limitless, and we are excited to explore new opportunities with Dell,” he said, according to CXODX. This collaboration aligns with Aramco’s sustainability goals and aims to bolster the Kingdom’s position as a leader in technological innovation within the energy domain.

Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President at Dell Technologies for the CEEMETA region, also acknolwedged the role of technological advancements in solving complex challenges.

“From optimizing energy operations to finding solutions to complex challenges, we seek to drive transformative change within the energy vertical by helping companies like Aramco adopt the latest technological advancements to stay ahead of the innovation curve,” Amin said.

Dell Focuses on Hybrid Quantum Computing Solution With IonQ

In another development, Dell Technologies’ partnership with IonQ  culminated in the Dell Quantum Computing Solution, a hybrid classical/quantum platform. This platform combines Dell’s PowerEdge servers with Qiskit Dell Runtime and IonQ Aria quantum processing units (QPUs), allowing for the execution of both classical and quantum simulation workloads on-premises, according to information provided by Dell Technologies.

Quantum computing’s potential to solve highly complex problems in significantly shorter timeframes compared to today’s most powerful supercomputers is a key advantage. This capability is particularly relevant for applications such as modeling complex molecules for pharmacological development, where the platform can execute quantum workloads efficiently.

The Dell Quantum Computing Solution aims to lower barriers to entry by providing infrastructure and compute resources for learning, experimentation, and development. Dell also offers guidance and documentation to facilitate the discovery of key concepts and the optimization of code for hybrid quantum computing.

Dell Technologies’ partnership with IonQ focuses on reducing adoption risks and enabling research and development for applied theory and logic applications. By acting as a trusted advisor, Dell assists organizations in exploring use cases and benefits of quantum computing.

Deployment of the Dell Quantum Computing Solution involves choosing the right execution environment for specific workloads, simplifying the operationalization of quantum computing. Dell’s support includes converting use cases into workable outputs using hybrid quantum-classical systems in a production environment, ensuring a smooth transition from test to production and achieving business outcomes driven by the new technology.

The Dell Quantum Computing Solution offers various configurations, ranging from small to large setups, each equipped with high-performance PowerEdge servers and NVIDIA GPUs. The platform includes Qiskit Dell Runtime software and integration with Kubernetes container orchestration, providing a flexible and scalable solution for executing quantum workloads.

Dell Technologies’ approach to quantum computing is to leverage hybrid systems, combining classical and quantum processing to speed up innovation and discovery. The company writes that it aims to provide a seamless transition for organizations adopting quantum technologies, enabling them to achieve significant advancements in various fields.

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