CryptoNext Security and Quandela Announce Business Partnership to Offer an Integrated Security Solution

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Paris, March 9th , 2023, CryptoNext Security and Quandela join forces to offer an  integrated solution that will secure the implementation of post-quantum  communication protocols.  

Quandela, a key player in photonic quantum computing, builds full-stack optical quantum computers (MosaiQ) that are now available on cloud and on-premises. After  years of development, Quandela proposes now a patented protocol (Entropy) to  generate quantum certified random numbers using a two-qubit Quantum Processing  Unit (QPU) achieving highest purity for cryptographic key generation.  

CryptoNext Security, a global leader and pioneer in next generation Post-Quantum  Cryptography (PQC), offers its Quantum Safe Remediation Software Suite (C-QSR),  based on its Quantum Safe Library (C-QSL), along with a large variety of integration  tools and application plugins for multiple use cases. In December 2022, France  ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) succeeded in sending its first quantum  safe diplomatic telegram, thanks to CryptoNext technology.  

Leveraging their unique technologies and know-how in quantum computing and post quantum cryptography remediation, Quandela and CryptoNext Security develop a  fully integrated quantum safe solution to secure transfer of sensitive data today and  in the future. This practically associate certified entropy generation leveraging  Quantum Procession Unit (QPU), post-processing, key generation, and the  appropriate Quantum Safe Integration Tools and Application Plugins depending on  the use case. 

Almost all IT/OT systems and applications will have to face the upcoming quantum  threat while it will be a must to leverage Quantum Computing technology breakthrough.  Applications encompass secured communications, networks, messaging, code  signing, IoT, identity, digital signature, blockchain, and a multitude of vertical  applications for key customers in Defense, Finance, Manufacturing, Energy,  Automotive, Digital Services, to name a few.  

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Valérian Giesz, co-founder and CEO of Quandela declared: “We are very excited about  this partnership with CryptoNext Security. Joining forces together, we are  demonstrating new and unexplored uses, including how quantum will improve the  security of our communications. With our MosaiQ and Entropy products, we are willing to contribute to the highest security level expected from a combined Cryptonext  Security-Quandela solution”  

Florent Grosmaitre, CEO of CryptoNext Security insisted that “CryptoNext is proud to  team with Quandela in order to benefit from its leading technology in quantum number  generation, to deliver an ever more secured end-to-end post-quantum cryptography  processing. Combining our forces with Quandela will bring our customers and partners  the best of both, i.e. the disruptive computing capacity of quantum computer and  protection against misuse of such technology”.  

About Quandela  

Quandela, leader in quantum photonics, develops full-stack optical quantum computers, available both  on cloud and on-premises.  

Quandela is a complete player in photonic quantum computing and currently employs more than fifty  doctors and engineers in algorithms, semiconductors, quantum optics, quantum information and  computer science. In 2022, Quandela released its photonic computer programming and simulation  software, Perceval, and signed a hosting partnership with OVHcloud to strengthen the user community.  Today, the company offers a cybersecurity enhancement solution with a 2-qubit processor and made its  first 6-qubit NISQ quantum computer available in the cloud in the fall of 2022. Quandela also supports  and advises companies and organizations, such as EDF, MBDA and ONERA, in the exploration and  development of the first use cases.  

About CryptoNext Security  

CryptoNext, founded 2019 after 20 years+ of post-quantum cryptographic research, offers its Quantum  Safe Remediation Software Suite (C-QSR), agile by design and tuned for optimal performance, it  includes NIST and European Agencies standard PQC algorithms, as well as those related to  hybridization of protocols and certificates. C-QSR includes a full set of post-quantum integration tools  and application plug-ins for legacy/business applications, secured messaging, HSM, VPN, PKI, Digital  signature and certificates, IoT, Blockchain and more.  

Selected by US National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) for the “Migration to Post Quantum Cryptography” project and mentioned by Gartner among 5 top PQC leaders, CryptoNext  partners with its customers in their PQ migration for long-term effectiveness.  

Press Contacts  

Marine Xech-Gaspa – Quandela: [email protected] /  

+33 (0)6 85 58 95 50  

Christian d’Orival – CryptoNext Security: [email protected] /  +33 (0)6 03 00 26 31 

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