QuEra Quadruples Availability of its Quantum Computer on Amazon Braket

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  • QuEra Computing announced an increase in the availability of the device from 10 to 48 hours per week on Amazon Braket.
  • This expansion in capacity makes it even more convenient for customers around the world to utilize Aquila.
  • QuEra’s quantum computer is a neutral-atom quantum computer called Aquila.

PRESS RELEASE — QuEra Computing, maker of the world’s first and only publicly-accessible neutral-atom quantum computer – Aquila, today announced an increase in the availability of the device from 10 to 48 hours per week on Amazon Braket, a fully managed quantum computing service from Amazon Web Services. This expansion in capacity is in response to a consistently high level of customer demand and makes it even more convenient for customers around the world to utilize Aquila in their respective time zones.

“It is very encouraging to announce such a significant expansion in Aquila’s availability just a few months after we launched on the cloud,” said Alex Keesling, CEO at QuEra Computing. “The response in the quantum computing community to Aquila and neutral-atom quantum has been very strong, and we believe this additional capacity on Amazon Braket opens up even more opportunity for corporate and research partners to explore quantum computing projects with QuEra.”

A growing number of customers have already taken advantage of easy cloud access to Aquila on Amazon Braket. This is in part due to  Aquila’s 256 qubit count and the company’s strategy of enhancing customer value through continuous innovation and frequent product enhancements.

Aquila’s qubits have long lifetimes, supporting tens of qubit flips before decoherence sets in. Problems are encoded in the processor layout and in the continuous evolution of its quantum states under QuEra’s native Hamiltonian. Aquila’s analog mode supports a wide range of algorithms for tasks that are difficult to perform classically. These include adiabatic preparation of ground states, out-of-equilibrium quantum dynamics, or sampling of the distribution of states in the device’s Hilbert space.

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“Amazon Braket is rooted in giving our customers choice as they explore different types of quantum computing hardware. By increasing the availability of QuEra’s Aquila device on Amazon Braket by almost five times, we’re opening up even more opportunities for users to experiment with their hardware of choice on our service,” said Richard Moulds, general manager, Amazon Braket. “Beyond facilitating access to quantum computing resources on a global scale, Aquila’s increased availability means customers can now execute even longer and more sophisticated jobs. This provides a rare opportunity for users in various industries to address several of their most complex business problems, including those utilizing quantum machine learning, optimization, and simulation applications.”

QuEra’s Aquila became the first publicly accessible neutral-atom quantum computer when it was made available on Amazon Braket on November 1, 2022.

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