The Quantum Daily and Entangle Join Forces to Expand Open, Global Quantum Tech Community

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The Quantum Daily and Entangle Join Forces to Expand Open, Global Quantum Tech Community

The quantum ecosystem’s leading voice and its most vibrant community are joining forces. 

In a joint announcement, The Quantum Daily, the leading provider of information and data on the quantum tech market, will integrate Entangle, an open and global quantum technology community, into its platform. 

The move is a natural partnership, said Alex Challans, TQD’s CEO. 

“We’re united in both our goal to build a healthy, diverse quantum community and in our mutual understanding of how we can foster that community,” said Challans. “The pieces that each organization bring together fit so well together that we’re all excited to see where this will lead us and especially where this will lead our readers, customers and community members.” 

Entangle’s space can be easily accessed by clicking on the Entangle button located on TQD’s home page. 

Karan Pinto and Nicholas Lee, the creators of Entangle, say their community is intentionally built to foster real connections, share high signal content and compound our collective quantum intelligence. The platform offers users a digital space with the right tools to collaborate. 

“We are looking to humanize quantum tech, lower entry barriers, get real about maturity, and facilitate ecosystem collaboration to find practical quantum powered applications… Nicholas and I have built ‘spaces’ where our users can share domain-specific expertise and cross-pollinate ideas, which is the need of the hour. So if you are from a corporate, a startup, academia, a VC, the government or even an enthusiast.. we have a home for you” said Pinto.

Lee added that the Entangle team have also selectively chosen leaders in the ecosystem to be “Quantum Entanglers” for these specific “spaces” on defined quantum world topics. 

To get started, you can sign up here.

Dmitry Suslenkov

Dmitry Suslenkov

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