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IQM & Huld Combine Efforts to Elevate Quantum Computer Installation Through Superior Technical Documentation

It is becoming a common occurrence to encounter headlines regarding new collaborations and partnerships within the quantum computing (QC) industry almost on a daily basis, more of which can be seen on our Quantum Intelligence platform. Technically, this trend appears to be driven by the distinct requirements associated with the diverse components involved in quantum computing such as qubits, cryogenics, lasers, error correction mechanisms etc. The increasing propensity toward collaborations can be viewed as a pragmatic approach, as players in the industry strive to advance as swiftly and efficiently as possible while navigating the complex technical landscape inherent in this emerging field. This cooperative ethos is arguably an essential aspect for fuelling continued progress and innovation within the QC domain, as it leverages the collective expertise and resources of the participating entities.

One collaboration that looks like it’s heading in the right direction is Finnish quantum company IQM’s partnership with Huld, a company that offers technological design expertise, based in Espoo, Finland.

IQM holds a leading position in the quantum computing sector within Europe, harbouring the objective of constructing quantum computers for the benefit of humanity, both presently and in the ensuing future.

In an effort to enhance the efficiency of IQM’s quantum computing production, a scaling program was devised to accelerate the construction processes. Within the framework of this program, IQM collaborated with Huld to refine the quantum computer installation procedure through the provision of high-calibre technical documentation.

This month, this partnership was showcased in a short video available to view on Huld’s YouTube channel.

“I would like to say that we are standing on the shoulders of giants. That means we’re reaching beyond and achieving more by building upon the work of those who came before us,” said Hermanni Heimonen, Technical Lead for Co-Design Quantum Hardware at IQM.

Timo Latvala, CSO at Huld, stated that the collaboration with IQM means his team is working alongside preeminent quantum experts in the domain, supporting them in advancing to the subsequent phase of quantum computing proliferation.

“We are on an ambitious mission to change the world for the better through quantum computing,” said Juha Vartiainen, Co-founder, of Global Expansion and Public Affairs at IQM. “When creating something so unique, there are no shortcuts, no ready-made blueprints, or even standards. There are no previous paths to work on. So many things must be designed, tested and manufactured from scratch. For this, we need reliable partners to work with and who serve the same passions and values as we do when creating the future. Now we are at a stage where our manufacturing skills have to the next level.”

Due to the expertise of their specialists, Huld is offering solutions for customers in the QC space such as IQM, contributing to the construction of better outcomes in the industry. It is believed that clear and meticulously crafted documentation aids in simplifying the installation process during product commissioning. By furnishing customers with straightforward, step-by-step instructions, the process can be streamlined for technicians across various installation procedures. This approach is likely to expedite the product installation, and crucially, enhance its safety and shape the future of this vertical.

Featured image: Credit: Huld

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