Amanda Chew, Vice President of Product at Horizon Quantum Computing, Honoured as One of Singapore Computer Society’s Top 100 Women in Tech

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Horizon Quantum Computing, a quantum software company headquartered in the bustling city of Singapore. At the heart of this innovative venture stands Amanda Chew, the Vice President of Product, whose recent recognition among Singapore Computer Society’s 100 Women in Tech is a testament to her remarkable contributions to the field.

Chew’s journey unfolds over the span of eight exhilarating years, in a narrative that spans the vibrant tech landscapes of both Singapore and San Francisco. Her story begins with a childhood fascination — an enchantment with the intricate patterns woven into the fabric of nature. Little did she know that this early fascination would set the course for her future projects.

“As a kid I was always very interested in patterns in like nature and understanding how things work. So naturally in high school, I was really interested in math and the sciences like physics, and also English literature. I majored in Mathematics and Computer Science at Brown, and I was just really happy there like pursuing my interest and curiosity.”

 — Amanda Chew

The pivotal moment came when Chew decided to pursue a dual major in Mathematics and Computer Science at the esteemed Brown University. This academic choice served as the bedrock upon which her formidable career would be built. But for Chew, these disciplines were more than mere academic pursuits. They became the very lenses through which she perceived the world, tools that honed her ability to assimilate, organize, and tackle complex challenges.

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However, Chew’s journey is far from one-dimensional. It’s a tapestry interwoven with diverse influences — philosophy, art and engineering. These multidimensional facets have collectively shaped her unique path in the tech world. The result is a rare blend of creativity and analytical prowess, a mindset that approaches problems from a multitude of angles.

Yet, Chew’s true passion lies in the realm of product development. To her, it’s not just a job; it’s an intricate dance with complexity. It’s the pursuit of crafting elegant solutions that have the potential to leave a lasting, positive impact on humanity. As the Vice President of Product at Horizon Quantum Computing, she is fervently dedicated to a mission: the creation of tools that simplify the intricate art of programming quantum computers.

“I really enjoy building a product, the more complex it is, the more excited I get. It’s a fun and messy process, but in the end, you create something beautiful and meaningful for the world that will hopefully positively impact humanity. I really love building tools for developers because, as a computer scientist or developer myself, it’s really fun to you know the pain points and to build things for myself that the whole world will use.”

 — Amanda Chew

In the ever-evolving world of quantum computing, Chew and Horizon Quantum Computing are at the forefront, pioneering solutions that have the potential to reshape the technological landscape. With innovation, dedication and a deep-rooted passion for her craft, Chew is an embodiment of the exciting possibilities that lie at the intersection of technology and human ingenuity.

To find out a bit more, please click here to view the short video with Chew published by Horizon Quntum Computing on LinkedIn. 

Video courtesy: NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (SCALE) & Centre for Quantum Technologies, adapted from an interview filmed for the “Temasek Foundation-NUS Youths for SG: Building a Shared Future” programme.

Featured image: NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (SCALE) & Centre for Quantum Technologies

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