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Our team

Alex Challans


Alex Challans is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Quantum Insider. He previously worked as an investment director within a London-based private equity firm where he focussed on the technology sector. He is passionate about quantum technology’s potential to help solve some of the world’s more challenging problems. In his spare time he enjoys playing blues and jazz guitar.

Evan Kubes


Evan is the President and Co-Founder of The Quantum Insider. Prior to this, Evan launched one of the first Law Firms and Management Agencies dedicated to esports, content creators and the technology sector. Given the global nature of the Quantum Technology space, Evan offers his clients a multi-jurisdictional approach to the industry, having obtained both a Canadian and American law degree. A creative lawyer and marketer, his passion lies in assisting Quantum start-ups to strategically position themselves for success and scale.

Blaze Rogers


Blaze is the CTO and data scientist at The Quantum Insider. He manages implementing ideas and technologies into The Quantum Insider (a data-as-a-service platform). Blaze's research and business experience has focused on bringing businesses insight through data and making machine learning more easily accessible to businesses.

Matt Swayne

Editor and Analyst

Matt Swayne is an Editor and analyst at The Quantum Insider. He is also a science writer at Penn State and teaches a class in science writing and communication. In his spare time, he is a marketing and communications advisor for start-ups.

Dmitry Suslenkov

Head of IT

Dmitry Suslenkov is Head of IT at The Quantum Insider. He manages web development, customer support and digital projects strategy. He also does international web design and development projects and has more than 50 successful clients. In his spare time he likes cycling and takes part in local competitions.

Tristan Roberge-Mentec

Head of Business Development and Technical Data

Tristan is the Head of Business Development & Technical Data at The Quantum Insider. He manages developing the customer pipeline and leads the consulting efforts of the company. His quantum technologies expertise is drawn primarily from his position as Research Associate at the University of Waterloo. In his free time, he likes reviewing impossible projects and reads comic books for inspiration.

James Dargan

Writer and Researcher

James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Quantum Insider. His focus is on the QC start-up ecosystem where he scours the world for the latest emerging companies. He writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.