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Quantum Random Number Generation Technology Made Available to Businesses

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Insider Brief

  • Quside is working closely with Equinix to enable easy access to the latest quantum random number generation technologies.
  • In cryptography, entropy creates unpredictable strings of random numbers, making it difficult to predict patterns and hack into systems.
  • The partnership hopes to help customers build the strongest cryptographic foundation to defend against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

PRESS RELEASE — Quside, a quantum technology company, is working closely with Equinix, the world’s digital infrastructure company®, to enable easy access to the latest quantum random number generation technologies to help customers build the strongest cryptographic foundation to defend against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

This unusual concept of randomness in cyber security is known as entropy. In cryptography, entropy creates completely unpredictable strings of random numbers, making it exceptionally difficult for bad actors to predict patterns and hack into systems. Entropy, which can only be produced by hardware, is at the foundation of security. If poorly generated, it can lead to completely insecure and vulnerable systems.

Through its globally interconnected Equinix Fabric network, Equinix enables businesses in Spain and worldwide to connect with this highly innovative and robust cyber security solution on high-speed, low-latency, and private network connections. By allowing seamless communication between quantum entropy systems and operational data processing infrastructure, Equinix and Quside are lowering the barrier to world-class security for thousands of businesses across the globe.

For example, if a financial institution or any other business, based anywhere in the world on Equinix’s network, was looking to offer even more protection of data protection to its customers, they could now uplevel their encryption with Quside’s quantum technology without changing or investing in any additional hardware – thanks to being part of Equinix’s interconnected ecosystem.

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Equinix already supports a number of quantum businesses as part of its network of over 10,000 customers worldwide. It is already well placed to support businesses such as Quside on their growth journey and lead the transition towards a range of quantum technologies for multiple sectors, including enhanced cybersecurity options and improved power efficiency.

“Equinix plays a crucial role for customers in facilitating global access to Quside’s unique quantum entropy technology”. said Carlos Abellan CEO/Co-founder at Quside. “To truly harness the benefits of Quside’s entropy solution in their cloud transition, customers require secure, private, and scalable infrastructure. Equinix’s IBX data centers offer the perfect scalable solutions that can easily adapt to changing computational demands, allowing our customers to easily connect to and expand their quantum entropy capabilities as needed.” He added.

“As businesses seek ever more sophisticated solutions for modern problems, Equinix is proud to support the growth, scale and democratisation of the quantum industry,” said Eulalia Flo, Managing Director for Equinix, Spain. “Working with businesses such as Quside provides our customers in Spain and around the world with unique access to some of the most innovative security solutions on the planet for the on-going transition to quantum-safe cybersecurity and efficient randomized accelerated computation”.

Operating at the heart of Europe’s bustling interconnectivity network, in 2017 Quside emerged as a quantum technology company, a spin-off of the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in Barcelona. Nearly a decade of intensive research culminated in the development of the groundbreaking technology that underpins its intellectual property and products. The company focuses on key sectors including government, finance, healthcare, telecommunications, and cloud computing. Quside products deliver highly performant, scalable, quality, and measurable quantum entropy and can be used in conventional, post-quantum, and quantum cryptography systems.

Equinix data centers provide the essential infrastructure, security, and connectivity required to support the development and deployment of quantum cryptography and entropy generation systems, enabling organisations to leverage the power of quantum technologies for enhanced cybersecurity and data protection.

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