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Quantum Computing Inc. And Assured Cyber Protection Ltd Enter Into Sales and Teaming Agreement

cybersecurity, palm print, data security
cybersecurity, palm print, data security

Insider Brief

  • Quantum Computing Inc.and Assured Cyber Protection Ltd signed an agreement to coordinate efforts to market and deliver both companies’ cybersecurity technologies and products.
  • The companies say the products they offer are complementary and provide opportunities to deliver cutting-edge solutions in a growth area.
  • The length of the agreement is for one year with automatic renewable terms of one-year periods.

PRESS RELEASE — Quantum Computing Inc. (“QCi” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: QUBT), an innovative, quantum optics and nanophotonics technology company, announced the signing of a strategic sales and teaming agreement with AI-empowered cybersecurity assessment, continuous detection, and mitigation company, Assured Cyber Protection Ltd (“Recyber”).

The key objective of the strategic sales and teaming agreement between QCi and Recyber is to coordinate efforts to market and deliver both companies’ proprietary cyber security technologies and products. This initiative is a key step in the product roadmap to achieve a Zero-Trust (as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology) network environment using quantum authentication and Post Quantum Cryptography solutions. The companies believe that these solutions will have a near immediate global impact on the state-of-play in cyber security.

The companies believe that the novel and innovative technologies they each offer are complementary and provide opportunities to deliver cutting-edge solutions in a growth area, ahead of the curve. To launch the relationship, the companies have initially identified 13 sales opportunities with large, well-known international organizations within the healthcare, education, government, and banking sectors, and have advanced cross-sector discussions with several longstanding relationships. The terms of the teaming agreement require that the party initiating a client engagement receives 10% of the gross revenue generated on the engagement, over the term of the teaming agreement, with the remaining revenue to be divided up based on the tasks and technology solutions implemented. The length of the agreement is for one year with automatic renewable terms of one-year periods.

Recyber, based in London and Geneva, is a privately held cybersecurity company that combines automation, artificial intelligence, and advanced technology to reduce a business’ cybersecurity risk by analyzing and modifying organizational and human behavior patterns and processes. Its endpoint, agent-based software platform accurately monitors, evaluates, detects, and mitigates cyber risk, resulting in a scalable and easy-to-use solution.

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The Recyber proprietary offerings include a snapshot of an organization’s cyber vulnerabilities through a taxonomic software, called Republic, that assesses employee cyber behaviors and enhances employee cybersecurity knowledge. The software platform also includes a monitoring service called Review that provides a continuous cyber risk scoring and diagnostic monitoring service and measures organizational security culture. Together, these services combine automated scanning with human-led penetration testing to prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities and offer immediate remediation guidance. Established in 2018, Recyber has successfully protected over 100 companies and has estimated preventing damages exceeding $100 million. Recyber, through its partnership with QCi, will become one of the first companies in Europe to offer quantum authentication and encryption solutions as part of its portfolio of cybersecurity technology offerings.

QCi’s patented core technology is based on non-linear quantum optics and nanophotonic technologies used to condition, manipulate and measure single photons in the optical region to leverage the inherent stochastic behavior of quantum systems in cyber security applications. The technology is designed to work directly with existing telecom lasers and fiber-based communication systems to minimize the redesign of existing network architectures. The underlying methodology utilizes high efficiency photon entanglement sources and strict quantum mechanical measurement protocols in a layered architecture to create both secure transport layers (quantum networks) and endpoints (quantum authentication) which QCi believes will contribute greatly to holistic cybersecurity protection, beyond encryption.

Traditional security models typically operate under the assumption that anything inside the network is trustworthy and, as a result, strict authentication is often overlooked. QCi has developed and created a unique “Zero-Knowledge Proof Quantum Communication Protocol” that addresses this authentication vulnerability security gap. When coupled with an additional quantum encryption layer, the network can operate in a “zero trust” environment that assumes no inherent trust in any user, device, or system, regardless of whether they are inside or outside of the organization’s network perimeter. This allows verification of transactions/communications without disclosing sensitive information, providing privacy and security in interactions, and enabling trustless decentralized systems, essentially creating a “zero trust” environment.

Commenting on the strategic sales and teaming agreement, Robert Liscouski, QCi’s CEO stated, “The business community is recognizing that the cybersecurity threat is increasingly complex and building rapidly. The time to prepare and defend against these threats is now. QCi’s technology and product offerings in this area make a strong case for partnership with leading cyber security companies to bring their clients the best cyber protection possible.” Liscouski added, “We have known the founders of Recyber for many years and have watched their company grow into one of the most highly regarded and innovative experts in cybersecurity in Europe. The Recyber team’s knowledge of the market and high-level relationships with some of the world’s largest audit and compliance firms, makes Recyber an ideal partner for QCi. Recyber and QCi are jointly implementing business development plans and identifying opportunities that will showcase our technology solutions and introduce the benefits of quantum authentication and encryption to key companies outside the U.S. that have a sense of urgency to address cyber vulnerabilities.”

Mitch Scherr, CEO and co-founder of Recyber, stated, “Recyber’s proprietary cyber security platform coupled with QCi’s quantum technology will deliver a powerful combination to bring significant benefit and value to our customers. Recyber has always been regarded as a leading-edge provider of cybersecurity capabilities providing customers with a high level of protection and confidence. Our platform is proven to be highly effective in uncovering cyber vulnerabilities, in both technical and human dimensions and QCI’s products will greatly enhance that capability. When we identify security issues, our customers want an immediate and effective remedy, and we believe that QCi’s innovative hardware will provide the best available quantum cyber security solutions.”

In addition to the current partnership focusing on growth initiatives in the cybersecurity market, Recyber and QCi will explore sales and global expansion into the markets for QCi’s other quantum intelligence, sensing, imaging, and computing technology platform products. As such, Recyber would support these sales as a value-added reseller (VAR) of QCi technologies in those regions.

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