Quantum Machines Introduces Quantum Control Solution for Large-Scale Quantum Computing

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  • Quantum Machines introduced its new advanced quantum control solution designed for quantum computers at scale.
  • The system features up to 64 output and 16 input channels in only 3 rack units.
  • It uses QM’s unique Pulse Processing Unit (PPU), which optimizes the integration of quantum operations with ultra-fast classical processing.

PRESS RELEASE — Quantum Machines, the provider of breakthrough quantum control solutions that accelerate the development of practical quantum computers, today launched its new advanced quantum control solution, OPX1000. Designed for quantum computers at scale, OPX1000 leads the industry across key performance metrics including feedback capabilities, runtime, analog performance and channel density. Building on the company’s proven technology which is currently used in over 200 quantum computing facilities, OPX1000 is the ideal control solution for builders of the largest and most advanced quantum computers in the world. The solution is now being deployed with select customers at leading quantum research laboratories and will be generally available later this year.

Major technology companies like IBM and Microsoft have unveiled ambitious roadmaps to build quantum computers with over 100,000 qubits in the next decade. As the industry steadily progresses towards practical large-scale quantum computers, laboratories around the world will have systems with hundreds and even thousands of qubits within the next few years. Running a system at this scale requires a quantum control solution that provides stellar performance, while supporting advanced capabilities like automated setup, embedded calibration, real-time error correction and more.

OPX1000 is a state-of-the-art modular quantum controller featuring up to 64 output and 16 input channels in only 3 rack units (U) – the highest in-class density of control and readout channels. Moreover, multiple OPX1000 units can be connected to cost-effectively control the biggest quantum processing units (QPUs) of today as well as the ones planned for the coming years. This third-generation platform builds on the success of Quantum Machines’ previous OPX controllers, which are already in use by hundreds of leading research labs, HPC centers, and quantum computer manufacturers.

“OPX1000 is a game-changer for large-scale quantum computing,” said Itamar Sivan, CEO and co-founder of Quantum Machines. “With the highest channel density in the industry, an analog frontend that is tailored for quantum computing rather than general RF equipment, unmatched real-time performance and datacenter reliability, it offers a cost-effective solution for scaling quantum computers to thousands of qubits without compromising on performance. This last point is critical – everyone is talking about scaling up, but the real bottlenecks in quantum computing start at a smaller scale. We have demonstrated, with some of our world-leading customers, how to overcome many of these critical bottlenecks with our OPX+ system at smaller scales. Now, with the OPX1000, we bring these capabilities into the required scales of the biggest QPUs expected in the coming years .”

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OPX1000 utilizes QM’s unique Pulse Processing Unit (PPU), which optimizes the integration of quantum operations with ultra-fast classical processing. The system combines parametric pulse generation, real-time, Turing-complete classical computing, as well as on-the-fly pulse manipulations, and comprehensive control flow capabilities. OPX1000 is programmed using QM’s intuitive pulse-level language – QUA, or at the gate level using the OpenQASM3 to QUA compiler extension, which allows complex quantum algorithms to be run right out of the box.

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