SEEQC Supports Security Memorandum on Quantum Computing

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SEEQC CEO Supports Executive Order and National Security Memorandum on Quantum Computing

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SEEQC CEO John Levy responds to government’s broad quantum initiatives. (Image: SEEQC)

COMPANY STATEMENT — —SEEQC, the digital quantum computing company, released a statement announcing its strong support for an Executive Order and National Security Memorandum signed by President Biden on May 4, 2022 that both address quantum computing. The Executive Order is designed to ensure the United States develops and maintains its leadership role in the quantum computing and quantum information sciences (QIS) industries. The National Security Memorandum outlines the “key steps needed to maintain the Nation’s competitive advantage in quantum information science (QIS), while mitigating the risks of quantum computers to the Nation’s cyber, economic, and national security.”

In both initiatives, the President rightly identifies the challenges necessary to adequately scale and provide assistance to the development of the industry. Below is the statement from SEEQC CEO and co-founder John Levy on both the Executive Order and National Security Memorandum:

“Quantum computers, quantum software and semiconductors are essential for many of the federal government’s current and future projects. As the President pointed out, and as we at SEEQC know well, this technology is essential for the future of several industries that power the American economy. A competitive edge in energy, pharmaceuticals, cybersecurity as well as the opportunity to create new jobs in emerging industries may only be made possible through the investment in and advancement of quantum computing.

“A stable supply of domestically-fabricated quantum chips and wafers is crucial to the creation of quantum applications, and it is a key component of a holistic governmental approach advocated for in the executive order. Through the increased investment in the manufacturing of quantum chips, the United States can secure its role as the leader in quantum technology, unlocking a future otherwise not possible while decreasing its reliance on foreign markets.

“We fully support President Biden’s dedication to bringing this world-changing technology to fruition, and SEEQC is honored to be a part of it. We look forward to continuing to work with the administration and our partners in government, industry and academia to address all the issues and opportunities in front of this industry.”

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Matt Swayne

Matt Swayne

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