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TQI Exclusive: Quantropi CEO James Nguyen Says Values Beat at The Heart of Quantropi’s Culture, Mission and Technology

Competing in the emerging quantum security space requires a deep understanding of science and technology.

The team from Quantropi say their company is certainly built around a dedicated, holistic approach to quantum cybersecurity science and technology. But that sense of holism doesn’t end there. It starts there.

James Nguyen, Quantropi CEO and co-founder, said in an interview that the company has coalesced around shared values and a combined sense of mission. That’s the true difference between Quantropi and other companies in the space, he added.

“As CEO, it was important to me to establish a clear vision and create a strong team culture because building new products, in a nascent market, to address an
unknown and fast approaching threat, is not easy,” said Nguyen. “My co-founder Dr. Randy Kuang brings the technology vision, I bring the business vision, and when

we brought in our CTO Michael Redding, we locked down our product vision. And that’s how we’re addressing the problem and building a company that will uphold Truth and Trust in our digital economy.”

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Quantropi’s difference, compared to many companies who are approaching quantum cybersecurity with a single solution, rests in a philosophy that a suite of solutions available through a single platform – called QiSpaceTM – will enable companies to be crypto-agile and protect their data, networks, systems, and applications from Y2Q and future attacks from quantum computers. They call this suite “TrUE” – which stands for Trust, Uncertainty and Entropy.

According to the company, the platform features several paths to trust in the emerging quantum era. MASQTM offers quantum-secure asymmetric encryption. QEEPTM uses uncertainty, specifically quantum-secure symmetric encryption, to defend against attacks, and provides Quantum Entropy Services with SEQURTM to develop ultra-random key generation and digital distribution to enable secure data communications – a type of Digital QKD.

“We could have just used our patented technologies to create a quantum-secure VPN or some other product and stop there,” said Nguyen. “But we didn’t because that wouldn’t align to our vision to protect our digital economy. The only way to do that is through a platform and software. And that’s QiSpaceTM.”

TrUE Rests on Core Values

The Quantropi team uses core values to guide every aspect of its operation, according to Nguyen.

The team starts with a desire to be iconic, or legendary. Nguyen added that rather than simply adding innovation – which every startup out of necessity needs – to the list of values, the company goes one step farther, stressing the collaborative part of that innovation process.

“I chose collaboration instead of innovation because I believe the only way we’re going to truly innovate is through collaborating internally, externally, and through building transformational relationships,” said Nguyen.

Creating a business that is designed to bring security to the quantum era requires trust, which is why it is also listed in Quantropi’s core values.

“Trust is a simple word, but those bonds between your peers, your partners, your customers, and this new idea requires trust,” added Nguyen.

Building Solutions That Are Logical

The core values are designed to deliver the necessary tools and solutions to protect their customers. This attention to the needs of customers and partners means the company can create solutions that are logical right from the start.

“We’ve listened customers, so why do they want to pick us – because our solution is logical,” said Nguyen. “It just makes sense.”

However, only listening customers at the beginning of the sale misses opportunities in the company-customer relationship. Customers, in fact, can drive innovation through constant product improvement, said Nguyen.

“It’s about continually listening to customers,” he said. “This is what innovation is all about,” said Nguyen. “We listen when they ask us why we do something a certain way or is there a way where you can do it differently, or how can help us manage this aspect of the process better. That’s where we believe the platform has played a key role: it’s allowed us to help make things easier for the customer.”

This customer-driven, culture-shaped approach is getting noticed in the industry. Quantropi was recognized with a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Challenge Award, an award that honors some of the fastest growing tech companies in many key sectors of the innovation economy.

Bringing All the Pieces Together

For Nguyen, the accolades and growing business momentum are just signs that he and the company are on track to fulfill a critical mission of preserving trust. He said he became fascinated with post-quantum cybersecurity through his interest in blockchain and cryptography. As Nguyen became interested in blockchain as a form of decentralization with trust, he also became aware of how quantum computing – in the hands of a bad actor – could break these systems of trust.

“I became really intrigued with blockchain and how it can disrupt the financial services industry,” said Nguyen. “Then, when I learned that blockchain is vulnerable to quantum computers, I started to learn more about the problem. As I started to understand the problem and its implications, I quickly said, ‘Well, what’s the solution?’”

Being part of an organization that provided a solution became important for Nguyen. “Integrity is a big thing for me and I was always big on truth and trust,” said Nguyen. “So, the idea that quantum could provide security is right in line with our vision for the company: to preserve truth and trust forever. And so that was important to me.” Nguyen sees his role at Quantropi as another example of that integrated, holistic approach. He brings skills and experience in business and fundraising that fits Quantropi’s need as a company competing in a complex, yet rapidly emerging industry.

“Where we connect is that I have experience in crafting business vision and expertise and competencies in capital markets,” said Nguyen. “As a startup – and especially a deep tech startup, the key thing is surviving until you hit product market fit, so fundraising is a key component. So, we have the technology vision and I bring the business vision. And when we brought in our CTO, then we finalized the product vision.”

Nguyen is one of the speakers slated to appear at Quantum Beach, an invite-only event for leaders in the quantum ecosystem that will be held in the Spring of 2023 at Miami Beach.

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