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Event: Quantum Eastern Europe 5-6 May 2022

We present Quantum Eastern Europe, the quantum community event that contributes to raising awareness and transferring knowledge in the whole of Eastern Europe about quantum science and technology. It is a two-day online event where you can network with stakeholders from relevant quantum science and technology organisations.

What can you expect from Quantum Eastern Europe?

On 5-6 May 2022, the event will gather quantum technology stakeholders such as students, researchers, startups, companies, and government authorities from Eastern Europe and beyond. Such a productive network will allow the development of quantum science and technology innovation and boost professional development careers plans in this geographical area. Two days of fruitful insights with keynote speeches, research talks, quantum computing hands-on sessions, career events, networking sessions, panel discussions, workshops, and industrial exhibitions!

This event offers the opportunity to:

  • Discover how the quantum community intends to grow in this area.
  • Discuss the latest quantum breakthroughs in the region.
  • Gather consistent insights for quantum business opportunities.

Register Now!

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This event is the first of its kind. It encourages the rise of a worldwide community of quantum ready individuals to foster synergies and collaborations to strengthen the quantum ecosystem globally. Registration and abstract submission are now open!

  • Registration [here] (deadline : 29th April, 2022)
  • Abstract submission [here] (deadline : 25th April, 2022)
  • Get in touch with the organising committee [here]

Quantum Eastern Europe event is organised by three companies:

–           QURECA Ltd,

A company that creates global opportunities with Quantum Technologies. They offer all the resources you need to be ready, make a difference, and create value, providing the link between the stakeholders in the quantum community. Some of their services include business development, training and resourcing. Website:

–           QWorld,

A non-profit global organisation, officially founded in November 2020 that brings quantum computing researchers & enthusiasts together. Its main goal is to popularise quantum technologies and software. In addition, through education and skill development opportunities, QWorld trains the next generation of quantum scientists. They gather the experience by organising global and local, online events introductory, which include but are not limited to their Bronze course developed in 2018. Website:

–           Hamilton Consulting,

A small enterprise for education, consulting, and research in quantum science and technology. We rely on our academic expertise and network we have built in the past two decades as quantum-physics researchers and educators at various European research institutions and universities. We coordinate the Quantum Flagship QTEdu pilot project on industry workforce retraining, QAREER. Website:

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Araceli Venegas-Gomez

Dr. Araceli Venegas-Gomez is the Founder and CEO of QURECA Ltd. (Quantum Resources & Careers), a company offering professional services, business development, and the first online platform for training and recruitment. She spent several years working in industry as an aerospace engineer before falling in love with quantum mechanics. She then decided to follow her passion for physics, and pursued a PhD in the field of quantum simulation at the University of Strathclyde. Following her work on outreach advocating quantum technologies, she was named the “quantum ambassador”, after winning the Optical Society Milton and Rosalind Chang Pivoting fellowship in 2019. She is also an executive fellow at the University of Bristol Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre in 2020.

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