TQI @ Puzzle X™ 2022: A Chat With The Event’s Chief Creator, Zina Jarrahi Cinker

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Puzzle X 2022

The Quantum Insider (TQI) always strives to give its readership the news and views of quantum computing and the wider quantum tech world with an objective eye. As the quantum space grows, one of the strategies we do to leverage this is by attending industry conferences. A great way of finding out about the latest breakthroughs in the sector and an important tool for networking with the industry’s top experts and influential individuals, when we were invited to attend the second Puzzle X™ conference in Barcelona, Spain, it was a hard opportunity to turn down.

Held from 15–17 November at the Fira Gran Via conference centre, Puzzle X™ 2022 promised to be a great event.

With topics ranging from the quantum world, exotic computing, and transcending biology to a sustainable future, this eclectic mix of subjects was sure to have something for everyone, helped by the fact the speakers and panellists included not one but two Nobel laureates, top academics and industry leads.

PUZZLE X™ is the world’s first platform to convene the most bleeding edge of Frontier Tech for a more sustainable and prosperous future with a focus on MATTERverse: The physical world that we live in

 — Puzzle X™

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Founded by its Chief Creator Zina Jarrahi Cinker in January 2021, PUZZLE X™ is a vibrant global event and a year-round deep tech venture builder dedicated to enabling materials of the future to help our world today.

Jarrahi Cinker, who obtained a Ph.D. in Condensed Matter and Ultrafast Physics from Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, is also a Director General of MATTER, Inc, an international Think Tank and public benefit initiative, physicist, and activist.

After the event’s founder opened the proceedings with a speech for what was to be three days of panel discussions, keynote speeches and invitation-only meetings, TQI spent a few minutes with Jarrahi Cinker to get her thoughts on the inclusion of quantum in this year’s edition of the event.

Puzzle X 2022
Jarrahi Cinker at this year’s Puzzle X™ event in a fireside chat with CEO of Quantinuum, Ilyas Khan

“This year we started with quantum. It is extremely important and will remain that for us,” said Jarrahi Cinker. “We cover frontier tech: whatever is on the cutting edge of the next big impact. Quantum is going to be one of those.”

And when we asked Puzzle X’s founder what she has in store for quantum tech in 2023’s edition of the event, her answer was straightforward and exciting:

“This year we were expecting about a thousand registrations. We had three thousand, which is obviously a good problem to have. And who knows, next year we will have to scale up as there is a demand for this kind of content because we’re unique in that we are extremely future-driven and pragmatic.”

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Please be on the lookout for more exclusive content on TQI at PUZZLE X™ 2022 in the coming days.

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