Archer Materials Completes Nanodevice Fabrication, First Steps Towards Qubit Readout For 12CQ Chip

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Archer Materials Completes Nanodevice Fabrication, First Steps Towards Qubit Readout For 12CQ Chip


TECHNOLOGY NEWS — Archer Materials Ltd (ASX:AXE, OTC:ARRXF) has successfully fabricated nanodevices that will allow probing of quantum behaviour in its qubit material with this development of fundamental importance to the company’s 12CQ chip technology operation.

The nanodevice fabrication is the first step towards the readout of quantum states from few and single qubits used in the company’s 12CQ technology.

Notably, the company’s innovation in control and readout devices is aimed at integrating its qubit material into mobile-compatible technology.

Archer is the only ASX-listed company and one of a few players in the world developing qubit processor technology.

Pathway to mobile integration

Archer CEO Dr. Mohammad Choucair said: “This work marks a significant ramp-up of development towards reaching Archer’s goal of on-chip qubit control and readout.

“The nanodevices are intended to translate the quantum behaviour of the 12CQ qubit material for on-chip information processing and provide a potential pathway to mobile integration.”


Archer’s recent technology advances and talent recruitment are paving the way for the implementation of complex quantum electronic nanodevices.


The nanodevices will be used to perform quantum measurements that fundamentally link to qubit operation.

Nanofabrication was performed using state-of-the-art lithography and specialized software, to obtain feature sizes compatible with a few to single qubits.

The fabrication process is repeatable and reproducible at scale, solving challenges related to complex nanodevice proximity effects and the on-chip integration of micron and nanometre size features.

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