PsiQuantum Backs Initiative to Use Quantum Computer to Develop Climate Technologies

PsiQuantum Backs Initiative to Use Quantum Computer to Develop Climate Technologies
PsiQuantum Backs Initiative to Use Quantum Computer to Develop Climate Technologies
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PRESS RELEASE – PsiQuantum today at Davos announced Qlimate, a new subsidiary of the company. Qlimate is a quantum computing net zero initiative that builds partnerships to develop and scale decarbonization technology breakthroughs.

Demand for the world’s first utility-scale quantum computers will be extreme. Anticipating this scarcity, PsiQuantum has committed substantial hardware capacity to Qlimate. Drawing on McKinsey & Company’s latest research, Qlimate has short-listed the most promising and highest impact decarbonization use cases that can run on first-generation utility-scale quantum computers. These use cases will enable breakthrough solutions across agriculture, solar, electric batteries, green hydrogen, carbon capture, green ammonia, cement and more. Taken together, these use cases will enable substantial decarbonization impact, and contribute towards the planet getting back on a 1.5°C pathway.

Qlimate is partnering with business, government, and philanthropy to deliver on this mission. In collaboration with these partners, Qlimate will optimize use case algorithms for deployment on the first utility-scale quantum computer, quantify their impact, and scale the resulting solutions.

“Qlimate will use the world’s first utility-scale quantum computer where humanity most needs it — and that is climate change,” said Jeremy O’Brien, co-founder and chief executive officer at PsiQuantum. “Qlimate has a singular focus on impact and will take ambitious steps to deliver some of the most promising decarbonization tools that could take years off the path to net zero.”

Together with foundational members — including Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) and the Dutch Government’s Quantum Delta initiative — Qlimate will start solving computational bottlenecks that currently hold back innovation in decarbonization. FFI is a global green energy company that has committed to producing 15 million tons per year of green hydrogen by the end of this decade.  Quantum Delta NL is a public-private partnership of Industry, government agencies and all major quantum research centers in the Netherlands.

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“The Qlimate initiative with leading quantum computing company PsiQuantum is critical to lowering emissions through green energy production, and this partnership, through greater knowledge, will help to achieve that faster,” said FFI Chairman Dr. Andrew Forrest AO. “PsiQuantum’s fault-tolerant quantum computer could be a leading light in technology for green hydrogen, and FFI as a first mover in green tech will help make it happen.”

“Although we need to overcome different technical challenges before powerful quantum computers will become available, we should not wait to start exploring its potential use cases,” said Freeke Heijman, co-founder and director of ecosystem development at Quantum Delta NL. “As Quantum Delta NL aims to contribute to solving the world’s long-term challenges, we are proud of this founding partnership with Qlimate. Our Centre for Quantum and Society (CQS) will work with Qlimate on the ethical, legal, and societal impact of selected use cases, working towards maximizing the positive impact of quantum computing.”

“Solving the climate crisis will take every bit of human ingenuity we can muster, and quantum computing will be part of the picture,” said Celia Cattelain, director at Qlimate. “Utility-scale quantum computing will be a precious resource and Qlimate will work with the most committed partners on the best possible solutions, namely those with the highest CO2e abatement potential.”

Partnering with Qlimate is a powerful statement of climate leadership and vision, and a unique opportunity to qualify for access to limited quantum computing capacity. Membership is open to stakeholders from across the climate change ecosystem, including industry, finance, philanthropy, and government. For more information on how to get involved, visit

Also of note: Pete Shadbolt, co-founder of PsiQuantum, was one of the voices discussing quantum’s role in sustainability in TQI’s Our Sustainable Future.

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