aQuantum Releases Public Access to QuantumPath®, The First Quantum Software Development Platform for The Hybrid Solutions Ecosystem


PRESS RELEASE — October 18, 2021 

The day has come, for us it is a pleasure to announce that from today, QuantumPath®, the first quantum development & application lifecycle platform for high-quality quantum software, can be publicly accessed. QuantumPath® supports the quantum software engineer from the creation of the quantum algorithm through its development, testing and implementation, to its deployment and reuse.


QuantumPath® is an ecosystem of tools, services and processes that simplify the development of quantum algorithms and apps into hybrid information systems. It is composed of:

  • QPath® Core Modules
  • QPath® Platform Apps

QPath® CORE Modules are the core of the QuantumPath® platform, capable of managing agnostic quantum algorithms & solutions (gate-based, quantum annealing) assisted by general-purpose tools. CORE Modules enable this hybrid (classical/quantum) computing platform to support the quantum software life cycle and engineering.

QPath® Platform Apps support Software Engineering and Programming best practices adoption. Developing high-quality quantum software is the goal. For this, QPath® Platform Apps offers a wide set of Apps, that will be progressively released, that are integrated with the CORE Modules of the QuantumPath® system.

QPath®´s main capabilities are as follows:


Public access to QuantumPath® can be done through four types of subscriptions:

  • QPath® Free Developer
    Subscription to learn about QuantumPath® and start designing, developing, testing, and experimenting quantum algorithms and solutions for the annealing and quantum gate approaches. Free subscription.
  • QPath® Developer
    Subscription for individual developers who need to design, develop and implement quantum algorithms and software solutions applied to the business with the annealing and quantum gate approaches.
  • QPath® Business
    Subscription for professional quantum developers and teams of small and medium organizations that require the QuantumPath® capabilities to develop high-quality quantum algorithms and software applications for the real world.
  • QPath® Enterprise
    Subscription for large organizations requiring tools and services to create high-quality quantum algorithms with demanding requirements to develop complex hybrid classical/quantum business solutions.

Develop quantum algorithms and apps with QPath® and see in practice why QPath® is an accelerator for the adoption of quantum software that contributes to the democratization of access to quantum computing.

You can get all the information about QuantumPath® subscriptions, subscribe or request more information here.


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