4 Companies Working With Silicon Quantum Computing Technology in 2022


4 Companies Working With Silicon Quantum Computing Technology in 2022

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So far in this series, we’ve covered several popular qubit modalities in building a scalable, fault-tolerant quantum computer. So far, we’ve covered quantum computing companies working with trapped ions, cold/neutral atoms, the annealing approach, and superconducting architecture. In today’s offering, we will look at four interesting companies whose money is a bet on silicon quantum computing (Si-based QC).

Whether this approach will come out as victor against the others is yet to be seen, as we’re at the beginning of a race that is surely a marathon in terms of timeframes and outcomes.

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Below is the list of the 4 companies working with silicon-based quantum computing technology in 2022. Enjoy!

1. Quantum Motion


Founded in 2017 by Professor Simon Benjamin, Professor John Morton and Dr. James Palles- Dimmock, Quantum Motion is a London-UK-based startup that is developing a revolutionary technology platform utilizing a scalable array of qubits fabricated on silicon with a CMOS compatible process, unlocking the power of silicon quantum computing.

It is achieving this by transitioning this work away from purely theoretical research in universities to realize these designs in a real-world, manufacturable process.

2. Silicon Quantum Computing


Silicon Quantum Computing (SQC) is focused on building a silicon quantum computer by commercializing world-leading research produced at Australia’s Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC2T) and through the efforts of its own team of world-leading researchers and engineers.

Led by esteemed Professor Michelle Simmons, ‘Silicon Quantum Computing’ was set up in 2017 and is jointly owned by the Australian Commonwealth Government, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Telstra, UNSW Sydney and the NSW State Government. It operates from new laboratories within CQC2T’s headquarters at UNSW in Sydney, Australia.

‘Silicon Quantum Computing’ is currently developing a 10-qubit quantum integrated circuit in silicon to be delivered in 2023 and has the ultimate goal of delivering useful commercial quantum computing solutions.

The silicon quantum computer will be transformative for every aspect of society, creating the potential to solve highly complex problems in greatly reduced timeframes and to address problems that are currently beyond the capacity of conventional computers.

‘Silicon Quantum Computing’ is exploiting and commercializing the power and potential of the intellectual property acquired from CQC2T/UNSW and its own work to realize wider economic benefits including a new quantum computing industry in Australia.

3. Equal1 Laboratories


The one and only Ireland-based quantum computing startup in the industry, Equal1 Laboratories is accelerating the introduction of useful, cost-effective silicon quantum computers within a three-year time horizon.

Founded by Dr. Dirk Leipold in 2017, the company has developed a disruptive, scalable and cost-effective quantum computing technology, based on a commercially available silicon semiconductor process. Its solution uses nanometer-scale quantum dots to form qubits on a standard silicon CMOS process. Along with silicon qubits, it has integrated all functions required for a quantum processing unit (QPU) — the brain of the quantum computer — which operates at 3 kelvin with over 10 million transistors. This is the first integrated quantum processing unit of its kind.

The company’s server-sized demonstrator, called Alice, uses the second generation, fully functioning QPU. Alice uses our 424 quantum-dot-array structure to demonstrate early indications of the impact this technology can have on AI applications.

Equal1 is developing its silicon-based quantum computing technology in collaboration with University College Dublin, with hardware development laboratories in Fremont, California and a silicon design center at NovaUCD in Dublin, Ireland.

4. Photonic Inc


With roots from the Silicon Quantum Technology Lab at Simon Fraser University, Photonic Inc is a Canadian startup headquartered in Vancouver that was founded in 2016 by Dr. Stephanie Simmons.

At the forefront of designing next-generation quantum technologies in silicon, Photonic’s breakthrough results with silicon have upended many conventional assumptions in quantum computing. With record-setting qubit performance, telecom networking, and silicon’s manufacturing scale, Photonic’s silicon spin qubits materialize solutions for previously intractable problems –and unlock solutions for tomorrow’s problem sets.

James Dargan

James Dargan

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