The Quantum Daily Launches Its Market Intelligence Platform, Rebrands to ‘The Quantum Insider’

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23 November 2021, Toronto, ON – Matching the explosive growth of the quantum industry, the quantum technology’s leading media and data provider announced today that it will formally launch its market intelligence platform and rebrand the company to reflect its integrated intelligence offering: The Quantum Insider.

The Quantum Daily, which launched in 2019, has built an unparalleled reputation in the industry for providing commercial news focused on the quantum technology market. As the business has grown, it has increasingly provided data and advisory support for its clients which include key quantum stakeholders, national consortiums, venture capital investors and government organizations. The rebrand to The Quantum Insider will better reflect the company’s positioning as a leading provider of media and market intelligence on the quantum technology industry.

“I am delighted to see the continued rapid growth of the quantum technology ecosystem,” said Alex Challans, CEO of The Quantum Insider. “The launch of our intelligence business and associated rebrand is a natural next step which will allow us to continue to support our customers: providing them with vital market intelligence, timely industry news and unmatched expertise.”

Interest in quantum technologies has demonstrated strong growth over the last two years and recent large funding rounds, billion-dollar national initiatives and increasing government involvement is making tracking the complex ecosystem increasingly critical for stakeholders.

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“We are constantly innovating to build tools and applications to support the industry stakeholders globally with our information, underpinned by our proprietary data,” said Evan Kubes, President of The Quantum Insider. “Our focus is on providing the best information and data for the quantum ecosystem and the launch of our intelligence platform is highly aligned with his vision.”

The Quantum Insider now offers its intelligence platform which can be accessed here. The Quantum Insider readers will find no difference in the industry-leading editorial content, or coverage, available at

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