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Le Lab Quantique Celebrates The Launch of France’s First Maison du Quantique — House of Quantum

House of Quantum

Insider Brief

  • Le Lab Quantique launched France’s first Maison du Quantique (House of Quantum).
  • The initiative is housed in the world’s largest startup campus, STATION F.
  • The Maison du Quantique will bring together 10 startups, and will be supported by the France Hybrid Quantum Initiative (HQI).

PRESS RELEASE — Le Lab Quantique celebrates the launch of France’s first Maison du Quantique (House of Quantum), in the presence of a host of business leaders, political figures and key researchers from the French quantum ecosystem.

This initiative is housed in the world’s largest startup campus, STATION F, with the aim of creating new synergies, inspiring new vocations and providing the best possible support for players in the French quantum ecosystem.

The Maison du Quantique will bring together 10 startups, and will be supported by the France Hybrid Quantum Initiative (HQI), 6 major industry-leading groups, the Quantonation investment fund and the Teratec association.

“The inauguration of the first Maison du Quantique is a landmark event for the French quantum ecosystem. This shared space for startups and industry will help to foster and strengthen synergies between the various players in the ecosystem. Quandela is delighted to contribute to this initiative.” — Valérian Giesz, CEO Quandela

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“The inauguration of the first Maison du Quantique marks a moment of maturity for the unity of the French quantum ecosystem. The project has become a solid pillar for the development of quantum technologies, and Le Lab Quantique is proud to contribute to it. We enthusiastically welcome all the global players in the quantum industry to this house of innovation.” — Elvira Shishenina, President of Le Lab Quantique

An ideal place for start-ups and corporates to work together

 Around the world, many countries have taken the initiative of creating specific infrastructures to support the development of quantum technologies. These facilities meet three needs: showcasing these emerging technologies, pooling resources and federating the various stakeholders which are academics, startups, industrialists, talents and investors.

It is with this federating objective in mind that Le Lab Quantique, HQI and its partners welcome and support the teams of 10 key start-ups on the French quantum scene, co-founders of the initiative:

  • Aqora
  • ColibriTD
  • Cryptonext Security
  • Multiverse Computing
  • Pasqal
  • Qbitsoft
  • Quandela
  • Quantfi
  • Welinq

Identifying relevant business use cases for these technologies is also a crucial issue for startups in the sector, and for the progress of science. Thus, the Maison du Quantique is supported by 6 co-founding industrial partners, each of whom is responsible for providing precise use cases in their own market vertical:

  • Boston Consulting Group
  • EDF Energy partner
  • Eviden (Atos group) High-Performance Computing (HPC) partner
  • Janssen France healthcare partner
  • OVHcloud Cloud partner
  • Thales Cybersecurity & Defense partner

“Since its creation 5 years ago, Lab Quantique has always been committed to bringing together the various stakeholders in the quantum ecosystem. We are therefore proud to open France’s first Maison du Quantique at STATION F, in order to extend our federating efforts, create new synergies and embody the new quantum revolution.” — Kenzo Bounegta, Managing Director of Lab Quantique

“Quantum computing needs interdisciplinarity, because neither hardware corporates, academics nor industrialists have the 360° vision required for the emergence of useful quantum computing. The French quantum ecosystem is powered by the energy of these three players, an energy that aims to create local solutions to major challenges such as those faced by EDF. The inauguration of this first Maison du quantique is a moment that further crystallizes the French ecosystem around this objective. EDF is delighted to be able to meet the players and share the issues facing a major energy company.” — Stéphane Tanguy, Director of Services and Information Technologies at EDF R&D

A project supported by the HQI (France Hybrid Quantum Initiative)

Initiated by the Secrétariat Général Pour l’Investissement (SGPI) as part of France 2030, the France Hybrid Quantum Initiative (HQI) is supported on behalf of the French government by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), as part of France 2030, with a total budget of €72.3m from France 2030.

HQI aims to combine a hybrid computing platform (classical and quantum) with an academic and industrial research program, while promoting the dissemination of uses. The Maison du Quantique will help federate the user community, and HQI has therefore launched this initiative alongside Lab Quantique.

“One of the missions of the HQI initiative is to support and animate the quantum computing community in general, and its use in high-performance computing in particular. We’re delighted to support the launch of Le Lab Quantique’s first quantum house.” — Jacques-Charles Lafourcrière, Director of the HQI program, CEA

The Lab Quantique team at Les Maisons du Quantique: Kenzo Bounegta, General Manager of Lab Quantique and Y Lan Tran, Director of the Maisons du Quantique Program.
Photo credits : Philippe Reina

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STATION F, at the heart of the start-up ecosystem

 The main aim of the Maison du Quantique is to encourage scientific collaboration between partners, to demonstrate the advantages of quantum technologies over conventional computing technologies.

Lab Quantique has therefore chosen STATION F as the location for this first Maison du Quantique, with 45 workstations dedicated to start-up research teams and thesis students from partner industrial groups. STATION F is the world’s largest startup campus, bringing together an entire entrepreneurial ecosystem in the heart of the Paris metropolis. This partnership will enable Le Lab Quantique to help grow the French and Ile-de-France quantum ecosystems, which are extremely rich in start-ups and talent.

“France is very well positioned and is currently one of the leading ecosystems in quantum. We are delighted to welcome La Maison du Quantique to Station F, which brings together all the key players in the French quantum landscape.” — Roxanne Varza, Director of STATION F

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