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The Quantum Algorithms Institute (QAI) and Mitacs today announced an internship competition in quantum computing research for full-time in British Columbia students.

PRESS RELEASE — The Quantum Algorithms Institute (QAI) and Mitacs today announced an internship competition in quantum computing research for full-time students at all levels at post-secondary institutions in British Columbia – from undergraduate to post-doctoral fellows, across every discipline.

The 2021 QAI-Mitacs internships will provide 10 winners up to $40,000 over eight months in stipends and salaries to fund quantum computing research in areas such as cleantech,
transportation and logistics, emergency management, healthcare and quantum chemistry, or the design of new algorithms.

QAI is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the quantum computing ecosystem in British Columbia and throughout Canada. Mitacs is a national not-for-profit organization focused on connecting Canadian organizations with postsecondary researchers to foster growth and innovation which includes designing and delivering research and training programs.

“B.C.’s best and brightest quantum computing students will have the opportunity to use their skills to solve real-world problems through the new Quantum Research Internship Competition,” said Brenda Bailey, Parliamentary Secretary for Technology and Innovation. “These internships will give students the chance to gain work experience and make connections with prominent tech leaders while seeing first-hand the impact quantum computing can have on people’s lives.”

Marjan Bagheri, Director of Operations and Engagement at QAI, added, “Through these
internships, local students will apply their skills in a non-academic environment, build their CV with peer-reviewed research and broaden their professional network. For the province, the internships will provide real-world training of talented individuals working on innovative quantum applications alongside local businesses, academia and top quantum industry partners.”

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“Mitacs is pleased to support Canada and British Columbia within the innovation ecosystem.
These valuable quantum computing internships will help advance important initiatives in
cleantech, transportation, emergency management, healthcare and other priority areas,” said John Hepburn, Mitacs CEO and Scientific Director.

By fostering collaborations between academia and industry while training the next generation of quantum talent, with capabilities in developing quantum computing software and algorithms and the application of quantum technology to real-world problems, QAI aims to build a long-term advantage in this new, high-potential industry.

Internship proposals must include the participation of one QAI industry member and one B.C. post-secondary institution. QAI industry members include tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM and AWS, as well as B.C.-based quantum start-ups such as D-Wave and 1QBit. Funding will be paid to the academic supervisor for eligible research projects that meet the competition’s guidelines. Submissions will be accepted and awarded through Jan. 31, 2022.

Bagheri added, “The competition also will assist QAI partner organizations as they will obtain access to academic expertise, build a customized research plan with support from Mitacs representatives, augment R&D budgets, and gain from the opportunity to assess potential employees. Supervising professors benefit, as well, from developing flexible research partnerships and obtaining funding for students.”

B.C.-based students may partner with another full-time student from an approved university anywhere in the world. Upon completion, interns will be expected to deliver research findings that can be shared publicly or with QAI members.

Mitacs and QAI also have pledged to provide opportunities reflecting equality, diversity, and
inclusion in the workforce.

Interested students should contact Mitacs to discuss competition requirements here.

Applicants should specify that they are applying to the QAI/Mitacs Internship Competition.
For more information, visit the QAI/Mitacs Internship Competition page here.

Source: Mitacs
Mitacs is a not-for-profit organization that fosters growth and innovation in Canada by solving business challenges with research solutions from academic institutions.

About QAI
The Quantum Algorithms Institute was founded in 2019 as an industry, academia, and
government collaboration to grow the applied quantum computing ecosystem in British
Columbia and elsewhere in Canada. Its mission is to create a home-grown talent pipeline to
meet industry needs and support commercialization efforts of applied quantum computing
research and algorithms development. This pipeline will enable the development of algorithms that apply quantum technology to real-world problems that traditional computers alone are not capable of solving.

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