COO of Quantum Computing Inc., Bill McGann, Presents a New Quantum Intelligence Platform Leveraging Reservoir Computers

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Quantum Computing Inc. (QCi), a company based out of Leesburg, Virginia that specializes in quantum hardware and software, offers practical quantum computing solutions for business applications.

Just recently in a video, the company’s COO, Bill McGann, introduced a unique quantum intelligence platform using reservoir computers. This initiative aims to augment current artificial intelligence (AI) systems rather than replace them, focusing on a hardware-centric approach for edge deployment. This distinguishes it from the common software-centric strategies, highlighting its potential to enhance AI with advanced hardware innovations.

In the short presentation, McGann discusses QCi’s platform, mentioning that reservoir computers are just the beginning. He emphasized that the plan is to gradually integrate quantum information into these platforms. The eventual goal is to develop a reservoir quantum computer, representing the next generation of their technology. McGann noted that this development is currently underway.

“Our contribution is not going to replace what artificial intelligence does today,” said McGann. “But it’s really good to enhance it.”

McGann clarified that their focus isn’t on replicating existing technologies like GPT. Instead, they aim to enhance current systems. He highlighted the uniqueness of their approach to quantum intelligence, machine learning (ML) and AI, and noted their commitment to hardware-based solutions.

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“So everybody that does reservoir computing today, for the most part, we haven’t found anybody that does it our way. Everyone’s using like, you know, software,” he said.

To conclude, McGann explained their process as cloud-based, involving data input into a reservoir to generate output. This output is then used in training and applied to tests. Unlike other approaches, they implement this process in hardware, allowing for intelligence deployment at the edge, which is crucial for some applications. Therefore, their strategy for the quantum budgets platform is centred around a hardware solution.

This strategy — which integrates quantum information for edge deployment — may set QCi apart in the future, one where AI and ML will be all important.

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