Quantum China Weekly Volume 20 (2021/08/21-2021/08/27)

Quantum China Weekly

Quantum China Weekly

Quantum China is a weekly periodical focusing on China’s quantum information technology, provide a voice for the Chinese quantum technology. It mainly focuses on eight major directions: Policy, Capital, Business, Technology, Research, Education, Conference, and People. Providing researchers, Interested parties, and industry pioneers with all the latest developments in China’s quantum field.



Anhui Province, the first batch of “unveiling the list of hanging” list task announcement contains superconducting quantum computing

On August 25, the Department of Science and Technology of Anhui Province announced the announcement of the first batch of Anhui Province (2021) “unveiling the list hanging” list tasks, the list around semiconductor wafer defect detection, superconducting quantum computing ultra-low temperature microwave interconnection system and other key core issues, the unveiling party can declare the list tasks. Successful unveiling of the list and the establishment of the project, the provincial treasury to take free funding to give the party issuing the list up to RMB 10 million yuan / item supporting support.



JD Explore Academy proposes quantum parallel processing framework QUDIO

JD Explore Academy proposes quantum parallel processing framework QUDIO proposes the world’s first quantum parallel processing framework QUDIO (quantum distributed optimization scheme), which will enable the full scheduling of existing quantum computing resources to solve large-scale tasks beyond classical computing.

Origin Quantum Launches Bilingual Version of Quantum Computing Learning Machine

Origin Quantum launches the Origin Quantum Computing All-Physics Learning Machine. Origin Quantum Learning Machine is a bilingual quantum computing learning system that provides virtual labs for the three mainstream quantum computing physics systems: superconductors, semiconductors, and ion traps, and is directly available to users worldwide.

CAS Quantum Net and District People’s Government signed a contract to jointly build a national operation center for information security hosting

On August 23, CAS Quantum Net held a QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) based application technology release and signing event at the 2021 China International Intelligent Industry Expo. At the meeting, CAS Quantum Net and Chongqing Bishan District People’s Government signed the “Quantum Information Security Hosting Integration Cooperation Framework Agreement” to jointly build a QKD-based information security hosting national operation center.

Tencent Cloud establishes new company, with business scope including quantum computing technology services

Tencent Cloud established Tencent Cloud Technology (Guiyang) Limited Liability Company in Guiyang, which is wholly owned by Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Limited Liability Company with a registered capital of RMB 20 million. The company’s business scope includes quantum computing technology services; information technology consulting services; big data services, etc.

Origin Quantum is a finalist in the IC Competition of the 2021 Global Internet Competition of ‘Straight to Wuzhen’

On August 26th, the final round of the 2021 Global Internet Competition of ‘Straight to Wuzhen’ on Integrated Circuits was held in Shenzhen, China, which is an international event focusing on the digital economy throughout the year. The project “Origin Quantum Engineered Quantum Computer Software and Hardware Solution” was selected as a finalist.


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