NEC, D-Wave and the Australian Department of Defence Collaborate on Quantum Computing Initiative

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NEC Australia and D-Wave have been selected by the Australian Department of Defence to demonstrate the use of hybrid quantum computing technology to solve a “last mile resupply” problem.

NEC Australia and Quantum Computing firm D-Wave Systems Inc. (D-Wave) have been selected by the Australian Department of Defence to demonstrate the use of hybrid quantum computing technology to solve a “last mile resupply” problem, according to a news release. The technology optimises how autonomous vehicles are used to resupply army forces from a central base. NEC Australia and D-Wave were selected via a competitive proposal process.

NEC and D-Wave entered into an agreement in November 2019 to accelerate the use of quantum computing by working with customers to develop applications. This is NEC’s first quantum computing application use-case developed outside Japan.

NEC Australia is a highly-experienced enterprise Managed Services company, with expertise in working across State, Federal and Defence customer environments. Its customer base includes the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), Australian Parliamentary Services, and Department of Defence.

D-Wave is the leader in quantum systems, software and services. The company is the first provider of commercial quantum computers and delivers practical quantum value for real world problems. D-Wave’s technology is being used by some of the world’s most advanced organisations, across automotive, mobility, space exploration, defence and research industries.

With more than 200 granted and pending U.S. patents, D-Wave brings capabilities including a proven, reliable, and scalable quantum computing platform, application development, algorithm development and benchmarking expertise.

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D-Wave’s quantum computer leverages quantum dynamics to accelerate and enable new methods for solving discrete optimisation, sampling and machine learning problems. The business has developed and released five generations of quantum systems, doubling the number of qubits in successive generations, and most recently, has substantially increased inter-qubit connectivity. The latest system, the Advantage™ quantum computer, enables customers to develop and run in-production hybrid quantum applications. Access to Advantage is through Leap™, the quantum cloud service.

“NEC Australia is proud to partner with D-Wave in helping provide cutting-edge quantum computing technology for the Australian Defence industry,” said Mitsuhiro Murooka, President and CEO of NEC’s operations in Australia and New Zealand.

“Our focus is the development and delivery of quantum computing for practical business applications and enhanced mission value. NEC Australia has a deep history of delivering value to the Australian Defence industry. We are excited to bring this powerful combination of quantum and domain expertise together to help solve a real problem that will benefit the Australian Army,” said Alan Baratz, CEO, D-Wave.

About D-Wave Systems Inc.
D-Wave is the leader in the development and delivery of quantum computing systems, software and services and is the world’s first commercial supplier of quantum computers. Our mission is to unlock the power of quantum computing for the world. We do this by delivering customer value with practical quantum applications for problems as diverse as logistics, artificial intelligence, materials sciences, drug discovery, cybersecurity, fault detection, and financial modeling. D-Wave’s systems are being used by some of the world’s most advanced organizations, including NEC, Volkswagen, DENSO, Lockheed Martin, USC, and Los Alamos National Laboratory. With headquarters near Vancouver, Canada, D-Wave’s US operations are based in Palo Alto, CA and Bellevue, WA. D-Wave has a blue-chip investor base including PSP Investments, Goldman Sachs, BDC Capital, NEC Corp., and In-Q-Tel. For more information, visit:

About NEC Australia
NEC Australia is a leading technology company, delivering a complete portfolio of ICT solutions and services to large enterprise, small business and government organisations. We deliver innovative solutions to help customers gain greater business value from their technology investments.
NEC Australia specialises in information and communications technology solutions and services in multi-vendor environments. Solutions and services include: IT applications and solutions development, unified communications, complex communications solutions, network solutions, display solutions, biometrics, research and development services, systems integration and professional, technical and managed services.

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