Canada’s Defense Experts Plot Out Quantum Technology Strategy

quantum science and technology plan
The Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces (DND/CAF) release a Quantum Science and Technology (S&T). Strategy

The Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces (DND/CAF) released the Quantum Science and Technology (S&T) Strategy, a plan that charts a path to advancing Canada’s defense, safety and security interests in the emerging field of quantum science.

According to the officials, This is the first federal department quantum science and technology strategy. The plan is designed to enhance DND/CAF’s ability to anticipate the disruption expected by quantum technology, act to take advantage of cutting-edge science and adapt to quantum innovation.

Quantum science and technology offer many defense, safety and security applications, such as sensing (including positioning, navigation and timing), communications, computing, and the development of new materials.

The officials report: “The Quantum S&T Strategy will ensure defense concerns are addressed from the outset in quantum research. By defining focus areas, the Strategy will make it easier to develop technology for use in the field that meets defense needs. As well, the Strategy will help DND/CAF evaluate the military implications, including threats and vulnerabilities, introduced by quantum technologies.”

DND/CAF will look to move innovation from the lab into the hands of CAF members to complete their missions. It will also build both domestic and global partnerships to advance defense interests in quantum technologies.

DND/CAF will achieve this by:

  • Focusing initial efforts on developing world-leading quantum sensing applications.
  • Evaluating new threats and vulnerabilities that may be introduced by quantum technologies.
  • Moving quantum technologies out of the laboratory into working prototypes.
  • Establishing strong strategic partnerships with other federal government departments to tap into world-class expertise in quantum S&T and drive quantum innovation in defense capabilities.
  • Leveraging investments in world-leading quantum S&T in order to access and accelerate mutually-beneficial quantum technologies developed by international allies.
  • Strengthen DND/CAF’s internal quantum S&T capacity to assess and advise on quantum technologies in a defense, safety and security context, and enable DND/CAF to contribute to and benefit from allied efforts.

The plan is available here.

Matt Swayne
Matt Swayne
Matt Swayne is a contributor at The Quantum Daily. He focuses on breaking news about quantum discoveries and quantum computing. Matt enjoys working on -- and with -- startups and is currently working on a media studies master's degree, specializing in science communication.

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