The Weekly Quantum Digest: Things get ‘chippy’ between IBM and Google over quantum supremacy

quantum supremacy
quantum supremacy

The Weekly Quantum Digest: Things get ‘chippy’ between IBM and Google over quantum supremacy

Google claims quantum supremacy. IBM says, no you don’t. Google says, yes we did. IBM says, whatever. Read more about the quantum supremacy debate more.

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“The calculation that Google chose to conquer is the quantum equivalent of generating a very long list of random numbers and checking their values a million times over. The result is a solution not particularly useful outside of the world of quantum mechanics, but it has big implications for the processing power of a device.” — Live Science


Quantum Computing Gets a Boost From AI and Crowdsourcing — IEEE Spectrum

Quantum Computing Explained (In Mere Minutes) — New York Times

Researchers Watch Quantum Knots Untie — Science Daily 

IBM Questions Google Quantum Computing Claims — Tech Radar

Surfing on Waves in a One-Dimensional Quantum Liquid — Phys.Org


How Should Crypto Prepare for Google’s ‘Quantum Supremacy’? — Coin Desk

The US Just Moved Ahead of China in Quantum Computing. But the Race Isn’t Over Yet — CNN

Survey Says Quantum Computing a Cybersecurity Threat — Security Boulevard

Samsung Joins Google and Amazon in Backing ‘Trapped Ion’ Quantum Computer Startup — Fortune 

Q-CTRL And Bleximo Partner for Application-Specific Quantum Computing — Inside Quantum Technology


Google Claims a Quantum Breakthrough That Could Change Computing — New York Times 


IBM Research Staff Member Quantum Algorithms — LinkedIn

Assistant Professor Institute for Quantum Computing — New Scientist


Matt Swayne

Matt Swayne

Matt Swayne is a contributor at The Quantum Insider. He focuses on breaking news about quantum discoveries and quantum computing.

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