Origin Quantum Brings Superconducting Quantum Cloud to Serve Users Worldwide

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International advanced, a progress for China’s quantum computing engineering

Recently, Origin Quantum (hereinafter shortened as OriginQ) offers cloud access to its superconducting quantum computer named Wu Yuan. Soon customers worldwide will be able to use a 6-qubit system.

OriginQ’s superconducting quantum computer named Wu Yuan, with cloud access, is equipped with a 6-qubit processor. Wu Yuan’s technical indicators such as fidelity and coherence time are as good as those of international advanced level. Moreover, as a superconducting quantum computer, Wu Yuan is China’s first one to steadily operate beyond lab environment and it is also the first one that achieves engineering.

As a leading Chinese quantum computing company, OriginQ is committed to bringing quantum computing technology to serve mankind, thus it has been promoting the engineering of quantum computers. In 2018, OriginQ launched China’s first quantum computer control system, becoming the third commercial company in the world to manufacture this system. Now Wu Yuan’s release marks China’s commercialization of quantum computing.

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A breakthrough, cloud access to the real quantum computer open to global users

OriginQ’s quantum computer Wu Yuan, via the cloud, provides users with free computing services based on a 6-qubit superconducting processor.

OriginQ Cloud is launched to be China’s first quantum computing cloud platform in 2017. At present, it’s still the only one in China, as a breakthrough, that provides quantum computing service to users. Meanwhile, for better experience and programming development, OriginQ Cloud offers graphical and code programming methods to suit enthusiasts and professionals.

The release of OriginQ Cloud will help workers and scholars from all walks of life to jointly explore practical and valuable quantum applications. For durable and reliable services, real-time response and correct operations, OriginQ is building five sets of Wu Yuan equivalent system as backups.

Typical quantum applications here, exploring more industrial potential

Three typical quantum applications, namely complex network sequencing, handwritten number recognition and user preference behavior prediction, are developed for prompting users’ enthusiasm to leverage OriginQ Cloud. Based on mature quantum algorithms, those applications are developed via OriginQ R&D qSDK QPanda and quantum language QRunes.

The release of OriginQ Cloud is a leap in quantum computing technologies, moving to higher maturity. Next, the research of 24-qubit superconducting processor is ongoing. It is expected that 60-qubit Wu Yuan V2.0 will be launched by the end of next year.

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