CMA CGM Group Invests in Pasqal, Companies to Explore Quantum Computing For Optimizing Maritime And Logistics Operations

Container ship and cranes at port
Container ship and cranes at port
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Insider Brief

  • The CMA CGM Group invests in Pasqal to integrate quantum computing technologies into the optimisation of its maritime and logistics operations.
  • This strategic partnership will create a Quantum Center of Excellence at TANGRAM, which will be equipped with access to Pasqal’s quantum processor.
  • The partnership also aims to train CMA CGM Group staff members on quantum computing.

PRESS RELEASE — The CMA CGM Group, a global player in sea, land, air and logistics solutions, announces a strategic partnership with Pasqal, a world leader in neutral atom quantum computing.

As part of this collaboration, which aims to introduce cutting-edge quantum computing technologies into the Group’s operations, CMA CGM also announces an investment in Pasqal.

A Quantum Computing Center of Excellence at TANGRAM to optimise transport and logistics

Among the objectives of this partnership, CMA CGM aims to leverage the power of quantum computing to enhance the efficiency, responsiveness, and adaptability of transport and logistics to market fluctuations. In particular, CMA CGM will seek to optimise container management, including their loading on ships.

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Together, CMA CGM and Pasqal will establish a Quantum Computing Center of Excellence at TANGRAM, the Group’s excellence center dedicated to training and innovation, with access to a quantum processor developed by Pasqal.

Training and events for CMA CGM Group staff members

The e-learning platform developed by Pasqal will be made available to CMA CGM staff members, who will be trained to improve understanding of quantum computing within the Group.

TANGRAM and Pasqal will jointly organize events dedicated to quantum computing, including use case workshops, technical presentations, and master classes. These events are intended to promote innovation and collaboration within CMA CGM and with its partners, clients, and suppliers.

Towards sustainable and innovative excellence

This initiative is part of the CMA CGM Group’s strategy to transform its activities through innovation. It follows investments in technology companies and artificial intelligence initiatives such as Kyutai and Mistral AI. The partnership with Pasqal will enable CMA CGM to strengthen its position at the forefront of digitalisation in the transport and logistics sector.

Hadi Zablit, Executive Vice President for Information & Technology at the CMA CGM Group, states: “This partnership with Pasqal will allow CMA CGM to apply quantum computing technologies to maritime transport and logistics, reinforcing our Group’s position as a leader in the digital transformation of our industry. With Pasqal, we aim to unlock the full potential of quantum computing for greater operational efficiency, serving our customers.”

“All of Pasqal’s priorities are reflected in this partnership with CMA CGM: developing concrete use cases with leading industrial players, accelerating the understanding of the potential of quantum computing, and continuing cutting-edge research to serve the quantum ecosystem. Everyone at Pasqal is eager to start collaborating with the teams of this historic French company,”says Georges-Olivier Reymond, CEO of Pasqal.

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