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Quantum Pioneers Converge at France Quantum 2024

France Quantum 2024, the premier French quantum computing conference, brought together top experts and thought leaders for a live roundtable discussion on the current state and future potential of this revolutionary technology.

One expert panel featured Fanny Bouton (OVHcloud) Quantum Lead & Startup Program Leader, Jean Senellart (Quandela) Chief Product Officer, and Dr. Laurent Guiraud (ColibriTD) Co-Founder & Head of Quantum Computing R&D.

The discussion kicked off with Bouton explaining the purpose of OVHcloud’s open-source multiplatform quantum programming (mqp) framework.

“The goal and aim of mqp [is that] when we develop and then we deploy everywhere,” said Bouton.

Senellart highlighted the importance of making quantum accessible, stating: “Eventually people don’t want to know any details about the quantum computer, they want to use it for [a] particular application.”

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On the key question of when meaningful quantum advantages can be achieved, the panelists were united in their view that the time to start is now with current hardware.

“If we cannot [find utility] now, that means probably we’re on the wrong track,” Guiraud said bluntly, before expanding on this, saying: “The important is that you can test, so what is useful is that you can — it’s available basically. If you can use a computer today with 10 photons, then [it] is of course more useful than using any other technology with 5,000 [qubits] that will be available in 10 years.”

The panelists discussed multiple promising use cases they are actively exploring, including optimization, fluid dynamics, combustion simulation, and solving partial differential equations.

Senellart emphasized optimization as “one of the key areas where most enterprises have issues” that quantum could potentially revolutionize.

While the path forward is challenging, the panelists conveyed a palpable sense of opportunity and urgency.

“Acceleration is key — and go after it, because we have the chance [with] multiple hardware providers,” Bouton declared.

Guiraud echoed this, telling the audience: “There’s no risk, only rewards…The one that starts today will be the winner tomorrow.”

France Quantum 2024 made clear that quantum computing is no longer just theoretical — it is a rapidly developing applied science that businesses must engage with now to secure future competitive advantages. The expert panelists provided inspiring rallying cries for the quantum revolution already underway.

Featured image: Credit: France Quantum

James Dargan

James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Quantum Insider. His focus is on the QC startup ecosystem and he writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.

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