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Qubit Pharmaceuticals Partners With The PINQ² Platform to Use Quantum Computers to Accelerate Pharmaceutical Research

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Insider Brief

  • Qubit Pharmaceuticals will partner with the Platform for Digital and Quantum Innovation for medical drug research.
  • This collaboration expands partnership between Qubit Pharmaceuticals and DistriQ – Quantum Innovation Zone.
  • The IBM Quantum System One computer is operated by PINQ2 in Quebec.

PRESS RELEASE — Qubit Pharmaceuticals, a company fostering the application of highly advanced “Deep Tech” technologies and specializing in the discovery of new medical drugs through molecular simulation and modelling, accelerated through hybrid HPC and quantum computing, announces its partnership with the Platform for Digital and Quantum Innovation (PINQ² – Plateforme d’innovation numérique et quantique) in order to conduct research on new medical drugs, thereby strengthening its commitment to DistriQ – Quantum Innovation Zone.

This collaboration marks the beginning of a new era in the exploration of quantum computing applied to drug discovery, thanks to the HPC and quantum infrastructures operated by PINQ², which include the IBM Quantum System One computer installed at the IBM plant in Bromont, Quebec. Furthermore, as part of its expansion in North America, Qubit Pharmaceuticals is setting up facilities in Sherbrooke at Espace Quantique 1 (EQ1 – Quantum Space 1), a vast 50,000 square feet (4,600 square meters) area entirely dedicated to the quantum technology industry and located within DistriQ – Quantum Innovation Zone. This initiative is in addition to Qubit Pharmaceuticals’ current collaboration with the Acuité Québec Consortium.

By establishing a presence at Espace Quantique 1, Qubit Pharmaceuticals will benefit from access to DevTeQ, a world-renowned shared laboratory covering 20,000 square feet (1,800 square meters). In addition to this space dedicated to the quantum technology industry, Qubit Pharmaceuticals will also have access to PINQ²’s unique offering: a high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure as well as quantum technologies such as the IBM Quantum System One. This combination offers Qubit

Pharmaceuticals an exceptional opportunity to access impressive computing power, driving advanced research in molecular analysis and simulation to unprecedented levels.

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As one of the first users of this state-of-the-art hybrid quantum infrastructure, Qubit Pharmaceuticals is very well positioned to accelerate its research and development activities focusing on the design and optimization of quantum computing-based chemistry algorithms, in addition to its core activity, the discovery of new molecules that will treat rare diseases and complex targets.

Robert Marino, CEO of Qubit Pharmaceuticals: “By collaborating with PINQ² and by exploiting the potential of the IBM Quantum System One computer, Qubit Pharmaceuticals is paving the way to a new era of discoveries in the healthcare sector. This initiative is a significant step forward in terms of our ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions to the complex challenges that medical drug discovery entails.”

Éric Capelle, General Manager of PINQ²: “We are delighted to be collaborating with Qubit Pharmaceuticals. This new cooperation provides an exceptional opportunity to catalyze medical research thanks to the expertise and worldwide reputation of Quebec’s quantum industry. This aligns perfectly with Quebec’s priorities in terms of quantum research.”

Martin Enault, General Manager of DistriQ – Quantum Innovation Zone: “The partnership between Qubit Pharmaceuticals and PINQ² inaugurates a promising new era where the power of quantum computing will propel pharmaceutical research to unprecedented speeds. Together, we are crossing a decisive threshold by combining scientific advances with technological innovation in order to take on the major healthcare challenges of tomorrow.”

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