Personal Quantum Computer Emulator Project to Seek Support on Kickstarter

Chris Ferrie
Chris Ferrie
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Insider Brief

  • A project to build and sell a personal quantum computer emulator will soon seek support through the crowd-funding site Kickstarter.
  • The project, called The Quokka, is the brainchild of quantum theorist Christopher Ferrie.
  • The project is aimed at making quantum computing accessible to a broader audience.

Quantum theorist and author Christopher Ferrie is looking for supporters to back his latest project aimed at making quantum computing accessible to a broader audience, according to a LinkedIn post.

Dubbed “The Quokka,” this personal quantum computer emulator is part of Ferrie’s initiative to democratize access to quantum computing. By focusing on education, he hopes to empower the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators with the tools and knowledge to explore this frontier technology.

Scheduled for a Kickstarter launch mid-this week, Ferrie’s project seeks to raise $10,000. He introduced the device at Quantum Australia in Sydney in February.

Achieving this goal would help the team to commence mass production of The Quokka, Ferrie writes, and, hopefully  shipping as early as July this year. This project represents a significant step towards making quantum computing more approachable and understandable, breaking down the barriers that have traditionally kept this complex field out of reach for many.

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Potential backers and quantum enthusiasts are encouraged to follow the project on Kickstarter. Once the project becomes live, they can then add financial support.

As the project progresses, Ferrie writes that he will keep the community updated, urging anyone with questions or seeking further details to reach out.

You can follow The Quokka project here.

Ferrie and whurley previously wrote “Quantum Computing for Babies,” a popular introduction to the field for babies and even for certain science writers.

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