Himadri Majumdar, SemiQon CEO & KPMG Tech Innovator Finalist, Advances Quantum Computing with Silicon-based Processors

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SemiQon, a company in the quantum computing space, is reshaping the landscape with its innovative approach. Based in Finland, the company is a driving force behind the development of silicon-based quantum processors. These processors are a important in the industry, capable of operating at significantly higher temperatures compared to traditional quantum computers. This breakthrough reduces the need for complex cooling systems, thereby making quantum computing more accessible and scalable.

Founder and chairman of Globalive, Anthony Lacavera, recently interviewed Himadri Majumdar, the co-founder and CEO of SemiQon on Beyond Innovation TV. Majumdar, a finalist in the prestigious @kpmg Private Enterprise Global Tech Innovator 2023 Competition representing Finland, discussed the exciting developments at SemiQon and the future of quantum computing.

“We are currently at the stage of big room full of computers, predominantly because of the cooling that is required,” said Majumdar, explaining the uniqueness of SemiQon’s approach.

He also highlighted the challenge of achieving ultra-low temperatures for quantum computing, which is “a million times lower than the room temperature.” SemiQon’s technology aims to operate quantum processors at “space temperature,” significantly reducing infrastructure costs and size.

Discussing the practicality of their approach, Majumdar stated: “Using silicon as a platform makes it possible to do the manufacturing using available infrastructure.”

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This strategy not only cuts down production costs but also leverages existing semiconductor manufacturing processes, making SemiQon’s solution more feasible and scalable.

When questioned about competing with major chip manufacturers, Majumdar acknowledges the importance of intellectual property and strategic partnerships.

“The race is on the know-how. At some point we will have this strategic discussion whether we build our own infrastructure or we partner with a larger Fab,” he said.

Majumdar is particularly excited about the applications of quantum computing in various fields, as they show potential in areas like drug discovery, logistics optimization and more. However, he also pointed out the current limitations.

“They are not able to show things that classical computers cannot do,” he said.

Looking to the future, Majumdar foresees a hybrid model where quantum and classical computing coexist, enhancing computational capabilities.

“With having quantum on the side, you might do it in half a day,” said Majumdar, referring to computations that currently take a day on a supercomputer.

Under Majumdar’s leadership, SemiQon is not just contributing to the quantum computing revolution but redefining it. Its silicon-based quantum processors, capable of operating at much higher temperatures, promise to overcome one of the biggest hurdles in the field — the need for extreme cooling. As SemiQon continues to innovate and collaborate, the dream of more accessible and powerful quantum computing inches closer to reality.

Featured image: Credit: Beyond Innovation TV

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