Infleqtion Acquires Silicon Photonics Leaders SiNoptiq Inc. and Morton Photonics Inc.

infleqtion announcement
infleqtion announcement
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Insider Brief

  • Infleqtion announced it acquired two integrated silicon photonics companies: SiNoptiq Inc. and Morton Photonics Inc.
  • Companies officials said the acquisitions enable Infleqtion to expedite plans for chip-scale integration of lasers and photonic and atomic systems.
  • Ultimately, the move aims to commercialize quantum products, such as sensors and quantum computers, as well as bolster the overall quantum supply chain.

PRESS RELEASE — Infleqtion, the world’s leading quantum information company, today announced it has acquired two integrated silicon photonics companies: SiNoptiq Inc. and Morton Photonics Inc. These acquisitions enable Infleqtion to expedite plans for chip-scale integration of lasers and photonic and atomic systems, which is essential for commercializing quantum products, such as sensors and quantum computers, as well as bolstering the overall quantum supply chain and enabling quantum manufacturing at scale.

“Getting quantum technologies out of labs and into the hands of customers requires a heavy focus on scale, both in manufacturing and across the entire supply chain,” said Scott Faris, CEO of Infleqtion. “These acquisitions enhance our ability to deliver high-value quantum solutions with the scale and resiliency required by critical sectors like defense and for business-critical enterprise deployments. It’s another great example of how Infleqtion is leading the industry toward commercialization of quantum solutions.”

The supply chain for quantum technologies has historically been limited by a small number of suppliers and a lack of commercial manufacturing capabilities, especially in the United States. Infleqtion’s acquisition and ongoing investments in SiNoptiq and Morton Photonics – which both produce essential quantum components – will accelerate the transition of these required photonic and laser technologies from R&D into commercial production at scale.

SiNoptiq specializes in delivering world-leading photonics performance with its ultra-low loss silicon nitride platform. Silicon nitride is a critical foundational platform for quantum applications, enabling high-performance photonic lasers and the application of photonics to quantum solutions from the visible to the mid-infrared. Under terms of the agreement, SiNoptiq President and CEO Dr. Dan Blumenthal will join Infleqtion as Chief Photonics Architect. He will also continue his role as distinguished professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and director of the Terabit Optical Ethernet Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara, specializing in ultra-low loss photonic integration and integration of atomic, quantum, and optical communications systems. Dr. Blumenthal holds a substantial IP portfolio and has made significant contributions to the field, recognized through numerous fellowships and awards, including election to the National Academy of Inventors and recipient of the Optica Society 2020 C. E. K. Mees Medal.

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“Together, we will push the commercial boundaries of what is achievable in advancing high-performance lasers and photonics integration, cementing Infleqtion’s position at the forefront of quantum innovation and commercialization,” said Dr. Blumenthal.

Morton Photonics develops advanced silicon photonics-based component and sub-system technologies that enable microwave photonics and sensing systems and applications of these technologies in government and commercial systems.​​ The company also develops ultra-low noise semiconductor lasers, from commercially available discrete lasers with world-leading performance to fully integrated silicon photonics versions on multiple fabrication platforms, currently being optimized for operation at quantum wavelengths.

Morton Photonics CEO Dr. Paul Morton, a globally recognized photonics visionary with over 30 years of experience, will join Infleqtion as Vice President of Photonics and General Manager of the newly established Infleqtion Santa Barbara Research Center. Dr. Morton has broad industrial experience in both research and product development. As a researcher at AT&T Bell Laboratories, he pioneered ultra-fast telecom lasers, mode-locked pulse sources for soliton transmission and led a research team transferring the first integrated photonics devices (EMLs) to the optoelectronics business unit. At Ciena Corporation, he helped commercialize these technologies in the first wavelength division multiplexing transmission and switching systems. Dr. Morton is a Fellow of the IEEE and Optica.

“Infleqtion’s vision and dedication to quantum-enabled solutions strongly resonates with Morton Photonics’ mission. By joining forces with the Infleqtion team, we will drive dual-use photonic innovations and scale our impact, paving the way for synergistic breakthroughs in defense and transformative technologies like quantum radio frequency (RF) and RF photonics as well as delivering tangible value to markets such as automotive LiDAR and 5G networks,” said Dr. Morton.

Infleqtion is at the forefront of commercializing quantum technology and is committed to creating a foundation for sustainable growth across the quantum supply chain, manufacturing, and customer experience. The company has recently achieved multiple product and partnership milestones, including the selection of the company’s neutral atom platform for Japan’s Quantum Moonshot program, the launch of Oqtant, the world’s first quantum matter service, selection for new optical atomic clocks in the United Kingdom, and the demonstration of advanced quantum RF capability and interoperability.

SiNoptiq and Morton Photonics add to Infleqtion’s already substantial IP portfolio for quantum-integrated photonics by bringing more than 40 foundational patents and product portfolios related to integrated lasers and photonic systems-on-chip critical for the scaled production of quantum sensors, quantum network devices, and quantum computers..

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With a several-decades long background in journalism and communications, Matt Swayne has worked as a science communicator for an R1 university for more than 12 years, specializing in translating high tech and deep tech for the general audience. He has served as a writer, editor and analyst at The Quantum Insider since its inception. In addition to his service as a science communicator, Matt also develops courses to improve the media and communications skills of scientists and has taught courses. [email protected]

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