Infleqtion Strengthens Strategic Vision with Key Directorial and Advisory Additions

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  • Infleqtion announced the addition of six industry leaders to its Board of Directors, Advisory Board and leadership team.
  • The high-powered list of leaders and advisors is meant to support the company’s growth plans.
  • Company officials will release information on Infleqtion’s 2024 roadmap and growth plans in its first-ever industry webinar on February 8, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. Central Time.
  • Critical Quote: “I’m thrilled to welcome our dynamic new team members to Infleqtion. Their wealth of experience and expertise will be instrumental in propelling our ambitious vision forward.” — Scott Faris, Chief Executive Officer, Infleqtion.

PRESS RELEASE — Infleqtion, the world’s leading quantum information company, today announced the addition of six industry luminaries to its Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and leadership team.

Infleqtion is at the forefront of commercializing quantum technology building on multiple product introductions and partnerships in 2023, including the selection of the company’s neutral atom platform for Japan’s Quantum Moonshot program, the launch of Oqtant, the world’s first quantum matter service, selection for new optical atomic clocks in the United Kingdom, and the demonstration of advanced quantum RF capability and interoperability. The company is gearing up for an exciting 2024, bringing the power of quantum to life with sensing, communication, and computing solutions for key markets in healthcare, financial services, defense, and communications.

Infleqtion CEO Scott Faris and other company leaders will share details of Infleqtion’s 2024 roadmap and growth plans in its first-ever industry webinar on February 8, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. Central Time.

To support its growth plans, the company has added several industry leaders to its team, with deep expertise spanning semiconductors, government, manufacturing, and academia. Industry giants bolstering Infleqtion’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board include:

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  • Cathy Lego, a seasoned technology and semiconductor industry veteran, joins the board, lending her wealth of strategic insight and financial acumen to guide Infleqtion’s growth. Currently serving on the boards of Guidewire Software and Cirrus Logic, Ms. Lego brings extensive governance experience, having recently retired from the boards of IPG Photonics and Lam Research, in addition to her service on the boards of various prominent semiconductor and technology companies. Ms. Lego was previously an angel investor and financial consultant through her company, Lego Ventures, providing support to early-stage technology companies.
  • George P. Bush, a distinguished public policymaker, attorney, industry leader, and decorated naval officer, joins the Infleqtion Advisory Board bringing extensive experience in government, defense, and corporate and securities law. Mr. Bush is a former Texas Land Commissioner, military veteran, and current partner at the Michael Best & Friedrich LLP law firm. Mr. Bush is committed to building a stronger technology future in the state of Texas and supporting Infleqtion’s efforts to build a thriving quantum manufacturing capability and ecosystem.
  • Dr. Kristina Johnson, a renowned technologist and leader, joins the board as an observer. Her extensive experience spans academia, industry, and government, where she held pivotal roles as president, chancellor, dean, and professor at top universities including Ohio State University, Johns Hopkins, Duke, and University of Colorado Boulder as well as serving as Under Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy. Dr. Johnson pioneered advancements in liquid-crystal on silicon micro-displays, polarization optics, and imaging, where her groundbreaking research led to the founding of several successful companies. Dr. Johnson also serves on the Cisco and Dupont Corporation Board of Directors. Her leadership, strategy, and business acumen will help guide Infleqtion through the next phase of growth.

In addition, the following seasoned veterans have joined the leadership team:

  • Brent Schwarz, a well-recognized leader in the semiconductor and LIDAR markets, Mr. Schwarz joins as Senior Vice President of Business Development focused on driving commercial adoption of Infleqtion’s portfolio of leading quantum solutions to enterprise customers globally. Mr. Schwarz joins Infleqtion from Luminar Technologies, the global leader in LIDAR, where he led the adoption of sensors to bring safety-enhancing products to the world.
  • Julie McGee, a seasoned semiconductor industry leader, takes the helm as Chief Marketing Officer, bringing her expertise in building global brands, go-to-market strategy, and strategic communications. Ms. McGee held several executive roles at Intel Corporation where she worked across all the business from PCs, Data Centers, IoT, and Networking. She also recently served as the Chief Marketing & ESG Officer at Semtech Corporation, a leading supplier of semiconductors, IoT devices and cloud services.
  • Vernon Prince, an experienced manufacturing leader pioneering manufacturing for the LIDAR and optical industry, joins as Global Vice President of Manufacturing to lead the development and scale of Infleqtion’s quantum manufacturing strategy, including the qNexus program. Mr. Prince joins Infleqtion from Luminar Technologies where he pioneered automation processes and built global solutions for emerging industries to scale production.

“I’m thrilled to welcome our dynamic new team members to Infleqtion. Their wealth of experience and expertise will be instrumental in propelling our ambitious vision forward,” said Scott Faris, Chief Executive Officer, Infleqtion. “With their guidance and talent, we are well positioned to execute our vision and unlock the full potential of quantum technology in precision sensing, secure communications, and quantum computing. We firmly believe that the future lies in quantum innovation, empowering us to address some of humanity’s most pressing challenges. As we step into 2024, we anticipate a strong year in both the commercial and defense markets, marking a significant milestone in our journey.”

Infleqtion has ambitious 2024 growth plans to exceed 2023 record bookings, deliver groundbreaking technology solutions, and reach new customers and end markets. The company is leading the industry with a focus on bringing quantum technology from the lab to scalable manufacturing in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

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