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SandboxAQ Partners with Carahsoft to Expand Distribution of Cybersecurity And AI-Enabled Quantum Solutions in The Public Sector

safety, encryption, ssl
safety, encryption, ssl

By Jen Sovada, President of Global Public Sector

Robert E. Williams, Head of Global Channels

Today, we’re announcing a partnership with Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider. As part of the agreement, Carahsoft will provide our modern cryptography management platform, Security Suite, and other AI and Quantum technology (AQ) solutions to the Public Sector via its existing contracts and network of resellers, integrators, and consultants. This builds on our early success with the U.S. Air Force, the Defense Information Systems Agency and the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services and will enable us to expand distribution of our solutions to help government agencies achieve their missions of today and the future.

We’re starting with cybersecurity due to the predicted ability of fault-tolerant quantum computers to break today’s public-key encryption protocols, which will put the world’s sensitive data, communications and financial transactions at risk. Adversaries have already begun acquiring and storing encrypted data for decryption by quantum computers using Store Now, Decrypt Later (SNDL) attacks. These attacks prompted President Biden to issue an Executive Order and two National Security Memoranda (NSM-8 and NSM-10) and sign the Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act (H.R.7535) into law.

Given the rapidly evolving cyber and quantum threats facing public sector entities, and the President’s sweeping mandates to implement post-quantum cryptography, our partnership with Carahsoft will ensure that all federal, state and local agencies have access to a trusted, modern cryptography management solution to protect our country’s sensitive data, critical infrastructure, and national interests.

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In addition to Security Suite, Carahsoft will also provide SandboxAQ’s Simulation & Optimization solutions, which can be used to discover and develop advanced new materials, such as more  effective EV batteries or lighter, stronger metal alloys; and its quantum sensing solutions, which can be used for a broad range of biomagnetic, geophysical and materials sensing applications. Currently, the U.S. Air Force is testing SandboxAQ’s geomagnetic navigation system as a potential Assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (APNT) solution to augment the Global Positioning System (GPS).

SandboxAQ and Carahsoft will co-market these solutions via joint webinars, white papers and events, and will establish government training and upskilling courses on AI, quantum and all SandboxAQ solutions.

“Carahsoft is excited to deliver SandboxAQ’s portfolio of cybersecurity and AI-enabled quantum solutions through our reseller partners to government, intelligence and defense agency contracts throughout the Public Sector,” said Craig P. Abod, Carahsoft President. Given the size and complexity of government IT infrastructure, Security Suite’s ability to identify and remediate cryptographic vulnerabilities will enable the Public Sector to protect its critical systems, data and infrastructure against ever-evolving cyber threats. At the same time, SandboxAQ’s quantum-based solutions have tremendous potential to positively impact a broad range of government, intelligence, law enforcement, defense and health-related agencies.”

Contract information for our Simulation and Sensing solutions will be available soon.

For more information, contact the Carahsoft team at (844) 445-5688 or [email protected]. To learn more about SandboxAQ, visit

About the Authors:

Jen Sovada, President of Global Public Sector

Colonel (Ret.) Jen Sovada is the President of SandboxAQ’s Global Public Sector focused on Government issues at the nexus of quantum and AI.  Prior to her position at SandboxAQ, she was the Chief Futures Officer and Senior Vice President / General Manager for the Intelligence Community (IC) start-up MissionTech Solutions. Jen’s Air Force career spanned 25 years in intelligence focused on higher-end technological capabilities where she held various positions in operational test, systems interoperability, and requirements definition.  She commanded the Air Force Technical Applications Center, the DoD’s sole organization responsible for nuclear treaty monitoring.

Robert E. Williams, Head of Global Channels

Robert is responsible for building out partnerships globally at SandboxAQ to increase technology adoption and service levels for its existing customers, and reach new customers.  Robert has spent the last 15 years in global go-to-market leadership roles in cybersecurity, cloud, and telecom. Prior to SandboxAQ, Robert was a business development and channel executive at Palo Alto Networks, Amazon Web Services, and AT&T; his most recent role was VP of Public Sector Channels & Strategic Partnerships.

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