EAGLYS, Mitsui and Quantinuum Collaborate to Build a Quantum-Resistant Data Analytics (AI) Platform Using Quantum Computing Hardened Encryption Keys

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Insider Brief

  • EAGLYS, Inc., Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and Quantinuum have partnered to integrate Quantum Origin into EAGLYS’ secure computation product DataArmor.
  • The combined technologies are aimed at strengthening the platform against the quantum threat to encrypted data.
  • Current AI systems and the data that is fueling LLM models will require exacting protection in the approaching quantum era, according to experts.

EAGLYS, Inc., Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Quantinuum have partnered to integrate Quantum Origin into EAGLYS’ secure computation product DataArmor, strengthening the platform against the quantum threat to encrypted data, according to a company statement.

Ilyas Khan, Chief Product Officer, Quantinuum, said that successfully globalizing AI systems, as well as the data that is fueling today’s LLMs will require intense cyberprotection.

“The idea of using the most secure keys in the world to protect and therefore enable global industrial scale LLM’s that are nourished and fed by proprietary data is something we have been working on for a while,” Khan said in an email interview. “We wanted to deliver a product that works now and will protect data well into the future. Our work with Mitsui and Eaglys is an exciting validation of this approach but we expect to see this area – i.e. protecting AI use cases – to flourish and expand very significantly. Customers will not only want to exploit current and future generations of generative AI but also ensure their data is protected to the greatest extent possible extent. Our quantum computers now generate the highest possible quality output to seed current keys as well as those that will be used when PQC becomes standard and we can also work at scale with LLM builders so that the security is built in at source”

According to the statement, Mitsui & Co. Ltd. and EAGLYS Inc. have collaborated to create DataArmor, a platform that relies on secure computation technology. This innovative system enables research institutions and businesses to collaborate securely by sharing data and AI models without compromising confidentiality. DataArmor employs homomorphic encryption, a cutting-edge method that allows data to be analyzed while remaining encrypted. This ensures the protection of sensitive information and intellectual property, even when shared among different organizations, thus providing a robust defense against sophisticated cyber threats.

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Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin uses the power of quantum computing processes to provably strengthen encryption keys, as part of their Quantum-Resistant Data Analytics (AI) Platform.

Quantum computers are expected to empower significant innovation in the future and create billions of dollars in potential value in the coming decade. However, The quantum computing technology also poses a significant risk to current cryptographic security measures, including the widely-used RSA algorithm. This emerging technology threatens to enable cybercriminals to break encryption and access confidential data. While the timeline for quantum computers to effectively crack existing encryption is uncertain, there is growing apprehension among organizations about potential cyber attacks known as ‘Hack now, Decrypt later’, where data is stolen now and decrypted later when quantum computing becomes capable of doing so, according to the statement.

Experts say most businesses are not prepared for cybersecurity in the approaching quantum era.

As a countermeasure against such potential threats, organizations must strengthen encryption protection for data and AI models by using post-quantum cryptographic algorithms and hardening cryptographic keys.

Developing New Use Cases

EAGLYS’ DataArmor platform combines fully homomorphic encryption — encryption that supports computation on encrypted data — based on lattice cryptography and Quantum Origin’s quantum-derived entropy for key generation to strengthen protection against a quantum computing based attack.

Going forward, the three companies will continue to develop new use cases utilizing this platform, according to the statement.

“We are pleased to collaborate on this advanced project with Quantinuum, a world-class quantum computing company, and our valued partner Mitsui & Co. This collaboration is an important initiative for our business and will enhance our Homomorphic Encryption platform, enabling us to create new value for our customers through AI and data in a highly secure environment. By deploying the Quantum-Resilient AI Platform together with the three companies, we hope to further increase customer value through secure data sharing and AI in the chemical, medical, financial, and retail industries.”, said Hiroki Imabayashi, Founder and CEO, EAGLYS Inc.

“Through this collaboration, we are able to present a quantum-resistant data analytics (AI) platform capable of creating new value using EAGLYS’ secure computation technology. We are convinced that by combining EAGLYS’ secure computation technology with Quantum Origin, DataArmor will become an increasingly important solution to prepare for potential threats that may accompany the commercialization of quantum computers. We will continue collaborating with both companies and focus on realizing new customer value by combining Secure Computation and Quantum Technology.” said Koji Naniwada, Deputy General Manager & Senior Tech Lead, Quantum Innovation Dept., Corporate Development Div., Mitsui & Co., Ltd. 

Duncan Jones, Head of Cybersecurity, Quantinuum, added, “Hardening encryption keys is critical to protecting sensitive data in the post-quantum era, and Quantum Origin is the world’s only technology that provably strengthens key generation. By integrating Quantum Origin, EAGLYS is future-proofing the security and integrity of its customer’s data.”

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