AWS Announces Three Programs Designed to Make Quantum Research Easier, Learning More Accessible

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AWS Programs
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  • AWS announced several programs designed to make quantum computing more accessible.
  • Braket Direct is aimed at providing quantum researchers with more in-depth and efficient access to quantum computing resource
  • The team also announced the creation of a Amazon Braket Learning Plan and Digital Badge program.

The key to making quantum successful is making it accessible. Amazon Web Services announced three programs aimed at doing just that.

AWS recently announced the launch of Braket Direct, a new program under Amazon Braket, aimed at providing quantum researchers with more in-depth and efficient access to quantum computing resources. according to a series of company blog posts. The AWS team also announced the creation of a Amazon Braket Learning Plan and Digital Badge program.

Braket Direct

According to the post, Braket Direct marks a significant step in the field of quantum computing, offering dedicated, private access to various quantum processing units (QPUs) without the usual queues or wait times.

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Since its inception in 2020, Amazon Braket has been instrumental in democratizing access to quantum computing. It has achieved this by offering on-demand access to a range of QPUs through shared, public availability windows. With Braket Direct, researchers can now reserve the entire capacity of specific quantum machines for set periods. This feature is particularly beneficial for running complex, long-duration, and time-sensitive workloads. It also caters to live events such as training workshops and hackathons, with the cost based solely on the duration of the reservation.

The program currently supports reservations on three specific quantum devices: IonQ Aria, QuEra Aquila and Rigetti Aspen-M-3, according to the post. These devices are noted for their capabilities in handling intricate quantum computing tasks. The availability of such resources without the typical wait times is expected to enhance the efficiency and output of quantum computing research.

Direct Engagement

In addition to providing enhanced access to quantum hardware, Braket Direct also offers opportunities for direct engagement with quantum computing experts. Researchers can benefit from free office hours or one-on-one, hands-on preparation sessions for their reservations. This access to expertise is not limited to AWS staff; specialists from notable quantum hardware providers like IonQ, Oxford Quantum Circuits, QuEra, Rigetti and Amazon’s own Quantum Solutions Lab are also accessible for deeper research collaborations. Such interactions are anticipated to facilitate knowledge transfer and advance research in quantum computing.

Another significant feature of Braket Direct is the opportunity for researchers to access experimental capabilities that have limited or reduced availability. One such example is IonQ’s high-fidelity, 30-qubit Forte device. This access to cutting-edge technology is designed to push the boundaries of quantum computing research, enabling scientists and engineers to explore new frontiers in this rapidly evolving field.

The team emphasizes that Braket Direct is part of its ongoing commitment to accelerating research and innovation in quantum computing. Notably, the program does not require any upfront fees or long-term commitments from researchers, making it a potentially attractive option for a wide range of scientific and academic institutions.

Introducing the Amazon Braket Learning Plan and Digital Badge

In response to the growing interest and need for educational resources in quantum computing, AWS, in collaboration with AWS Training and Certification, is launching the Amazon Braket Learning Plan. This program is designed to provide foundational knowledge necessary to effectively use Amazon Braket. It caters to a wide audience, including developers, educators, and quantum computing enthusiasts.

The plan includes a series of learning courses, culminating in an assessment. Participants who score at least 80% on this assessment will earn a Digital Badge, showcasing their proficiency in Amazon Braket and quantum computing principles.

According to the post: “The Amazon Braket Digital Learning Plan and Digital Badge offer customers an introductory way to stay up to date on quantum computing at AWS and provide tailored learning experiences for educators.”

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