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PUZZLE X hosts “Quantum Key Stakeholder Assembly” In Support of the Proposal to the UN to Proclaim 2025 The International Year of Quantum Science & Technology

PUZZLE X hosts “Quantum Key Stakeholder Assembly

On Nov 9 in Barcelona, PUZZLE X convenes global quantum industry stakeholders to present the industry recommendations in preparation for the passing of the International Year of Quantum resolution. The Assembly will conclude in a ceremonial signing of an open letter to the UN signed by over 300 quantum leaders worldwide 


PUZZLE X, the international forum on Exponential Technologies held annually in Barcelona is hosting a first-of-its-kind high-level quantum assembly in support of the proposed resolution to the United Nations to proclaim 2025 as the International Year of Science and Technologies (IYQ2025).   In partnership with the executive committee of IYQ2025, the 1-day “Quantum Key Stakeholder Assembly” will convene global decision makers and leaders in quantum to discuss key topics of relevance to the UN bodies such as UNICEF and ITU and more importantly, provide a platform to present the voice and recommendations of the ecosystem and industry in preparation for the passing of the International Year of Quantum.

The Assembly will conclude in a ceremonial signing of an Open Letter by key international quantum stakeholders to encourage the United Nations to pass the resolution. To date, the letter has been signed by many leading figures in science such as Nobel laureates Bill Phillips, Sir Kostya Novosleov and 300 other major quantum stakeholders and companies. The letter remains open for signatures until Nov 1,2023.

The assembly will organize 4 closed-door sessions on central topics of relevance to the United Nations namely: 

  • Equitable Advances in Quantum: Country Equity | Public private partnerships | Best-practice-sharing among regions and current and future stakeholders
  • Narrowing the Quantum Divide: Gender equity | Educational gap | Future talent & workforce development
  • Quantum-safe world : Quantum secure communication & global readiness
  • Towards the 2030 Agenda: Can Quantum technologies assist in reaching UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Invited stakeholders will formulate recommendations and discuss harmonized global action that could help in addressing these issues during a proposed UN proclaimed year of quantum. 

The “Quantum Key Stakeholder Assembly” is a part of PUZZLE X 2023, the world leading event on Exponential Technologies which convenes over 3000+ stakeholders and decision-makers form 82 countries to discuss advances in Exponential Technologies such as quantum and the impact on the future of industries, cities, and societies. Among PUZZLEX speakers are:

  • Sir Roger Penrose, Nobel Laureate, Oxford University 
  • Dr. Bill Phillips, Nobel Laureate, NIST 
  • Sir Kostya Novoselov, Nobel Laureate, NUS
  • Sir Robin Saxby, Founding CEO & Chairman, ARM 
  • Dr. Hiroshi Ishii, Vice Director of MIT Media Lab 
  • Nabil Alnuaim, CEO, Aramco Digital
  • Dr. Chema Alonso, Chief Digital Officer, Telefonica

To request an invitation to attend the Quantum Key Stakeholder Assembly and to influence the discussions and recommendations for, Click HERE.


Quantum Insider and PUZZLE X have strategically partnered to inform and engage the global quantum industry at the “Quantum Stakeholder Assembly” and supporting the IYQ2025. 

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