ColibriTD Secures €1 Million in Seed Funding For Quantum-as-a-Service Development

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Close up of young plan growing through coins.
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Insider Brief

  • ColibriTD, has successfully closed a seed funding round of €1 million.
  • Earlybird Venture Capital’s Earlybird-X fund led the round, which also included several angel investors.
  • Funds will be directed towards advancing the development of a distinctive, hardware-agnostic quantum-as-a-service platform.

French quantum-as-a-service startup, ColibriTD, has successfully closed a seed funding round of €1 million, led by Earlybird Venture Capital’s Earlybird-X fund, in addition to contributions from a group of angel investors, according to EU-Startups. The infusion of capital will be directed towards advancing the development of a distinctive, hardware-agnostic quantum-as-a-service platform, the website reports.

The company was founded by Dr. Laurent Guiraud, who holds a doctoral degree in physics and boasts a track record of successful product roles at tech giants Google and AWS, and Hacene Goudjil, who has a long career in business development and corporate social responsibility. The mission of ColibriTD aims to democratize quantum computing accessibility for enterprises spanning diverse industries.

Established in 2019, ColibriTD has assembled a seasoned team of researchers, including prominent academics and industry collaborators. Together, they are working towards delivering the world’s first comprehensive quantum computing platform designed to operate on existing, imperfect quantum hardware.

Industries such as automotive, aerospace, and healthcare could greatly benefit from ColibriTD’s pioneering approach. These sectors are grappling with pressing challenges related to decarbonization, pandemics, climate change, and more, necessitating disruptive technologies to navigate increasingly complex terrain.

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Guiraud, who also serves as Quantum Computing R&D Lead of ColibriTD, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with Earlybird-X.

“We are excited to work with Earlybird-X to help accelerate the second quantum revolution adoption in key industrial sectors,” Guiraud told EU-Startups. “Continuing to hire diverse and enthusiastic researchers will be the key to our success.”

du Bois-Reymond, Partner at Earlybird-X, highlighted the potential of quantum computing to unleash substantial computational power for solving contemporary challenges. He underlined the significance of bridging engineering tools like simulation software with the quantum computing full-stack.

“Quantum Computing (QC) can unlock massive computing power to solve today’s challenges,” he told the website. “Building on our hypothesis around Quantum Computing (QC), we believe that a connection between engineering tools, such as simulation software, and the QC-full-stack is crucial. After meeting the founders of ColibriTD, we are convinced that we have found the right team and approach, supported by leading academic and industry experts.”

ColibriTD intends to expedite the development of its quantum-as-a-service platform, designed to work seamlessly on existing hardware, with immediate applications across various industries, commencing with aerospace and expanding into healthcare. The funding injection will also fortify hardware and academic partnerships, while kickstarting ColibriTD’s open-source strategy.

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