SQE, Quantum-Secure Blockchain Platform, Announces Launch and Series A Funding Round

earth, network, blockchain
earth, network, blockchain
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Insider Brief

  • SQE has started its Series A funding round for its quantum-secure blockchain business.
  • The company’s offering is built around what they call, “Simulated Quantum Entanglement technology.”
  • The technology reportedly enables seamless communication between validator nodes, eliminating the need for vulnerable private-public key exchanges over the internet.

SQE, a digital platform aiming to transform data security for individuals and businesses, has started its Series A funding round, according to a press release. The company’s innovative approach is centered around a decentralized blockchain platform that offers superior sustainability and quantum-resistant features.

According to the release, at the core of SQE’s security offerings lies Simulated Quantum Entanglement technology, currently awaiting patent approval. This novel technology enables seamless communication between validator nodes, eliminating the need for vulnerable private-public key exchanges over the internet. Additionally, SQE leverages its patent-pending Proof of Entanglement mechanism, replacing conventional verification methods.

With the implementation of these proprietary technologies, SQE can maintain low costs, boasting a transaction fee of $0.00002 per transaction. Moreover, the releases states the platform achieves block finalization in under one second, ensuring efficient and rapid processing. Utilizing the semi-stable token QueCredit (QUEC), SQE enables secure and appreciating transactions.

Following a successful pre-seed fundraising phase, SQE has officially entered its Series A funding round and unveiled its newly launched website (https://www.sqe.io). Interested enterprises and individuals now have the opportunity to pre-register for upcoming beta testing programs.

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The founding team behind SQE, led by CEO Hamid Pishdadian, along with co-founders Richard Genga and Akram Khalis, recognized the urgent need for a platform impervious to potential quantum computer threats. Pishdadian emphasized the vulnerability of current cryptographic algorithms, which may be compromised in as little as five years. He underscored SQE’s unique ability to safeguard against present and future threats.

“Many of the cryptographic algorithms used to secure information today are vulnerable,” said Hamid Pishdadian, the CEO and founder of SQE. “It may only be five years before quantum computers are available that can break through these defenses. The technology behind SQE not only protects us from today’s threats, but those of tomorrow.”

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