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Lego Poised to Enter The Quantum Computer Market

Lego Quantum Computer

Insider Brief

  • A Lego quantum computer is reportedly in the planning stage.
  • No word on how many qu-bricks the device will support.
  • Experts suggest very complex quantum mechanical processes, such as superposition and entanglement, would be a snap.

Disregarding an ever-increasing number of modalities and approaches and indifferent to the intense competition from savvy startups and techno giants, Lego could enter the race to build a quantum computer.

Well, at least one Lego fan designer is readying the Denmark-based toy company for the quantum era.

In a product suggestion, a Lego user pitched creating IBM Quantum Computer System in Lego Ideas, a site that allows users to submit suggestions for future logo sets.

The set is described as a “detailed, realistic 403-pieces ‘IBM Q Quantum Computer System’ LEGO set.” It’s scaled at 1:18 of the original, and measures 11.2 (w) x 16.0 (l) x 17.1 (h) cm, or 4.4 (w) x 6.3 (l) x 6.7(h) inches.”

Responsive Image

Painstaking detail would be a bit of an understatement for the set, which would include a lot of names familiar to the quantum community.

The product description reads: “From the base, it features a raised server floor with ventilation grids providing open space for wiring and cooling. Above it is a light-blue IBM 42U server cabinet of microwave electronics & a Cryomech PT415-RM cryocooler with remote motor and two water-cooled CPA1110 helium compressor packages with a grey cylinder in the middle. In the center is a tall Bluefors XLD-4K Cryostat support frame suspending a golden dilution refrigerator with an IBM 433-qubits Osprey quantum processor at the bottom. One half is exposed to display the insides, while the other half is enclosed with a cover. The cover could be printed with the ‘IBM Q’ logo.”

According to the project submitter — SupersonicEmmet09 — it’s more than a toy, the Lego IBM Quantum Computer would have educational value. It might even help with the challenge of building out quantum’s talent force.

The user writes: “It is a 360° displayable model with four highly detailed facades delivering a rewarding building experience to all those with an interest in quantum computer systems. It can be a virtual on-site accompaniment for quantum computing users building cloud-based IBM Qiskit quantum applications and experiments on remote quantum hardware or simulators. It’s realistic and accurate details with descriptive building instructions can gently introduce and familiarize the builders with intricate parts of a Quantum Computer system much like the way a LEGO Technic Motorcycle/Helicopter set can bring the builder deeply immersed into those vehicles.”

Side note: if Lego does pursue its quantum ambitions, it would likely have the support of the burgeoning Scandinavian quantum ecosystem.

So far, the project has received more than 500 supporters.

You can support the project here.

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