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BosonQ Psi Partners With Artificial Brain to Bring Quantum Solutions to Businesses


Insider Brief

  • BosonQ Psi (BQP) and Artificial Brain announced that they have created a strategic alliance to bring quantum solutions to business.
  • BQP recently launched a simulation software suite powered by quantum for enterprises in various industries.
  • Artificial Brain recently reported an advance for quantum algorithms for the space industry.

BosonQ Psi and Artificial Brain have joined forces to create a strategic alliance, which aims to bring quantum computing possibilities to organizations and research institutions in the aerospace and energy sectors, among others, according to Express Computer.

Quantum computing is a rapidly developing field that has the potential to solve complex optimization problems and simulate quantum systems that are impossible to tackle with classical computers.

The aerospace and energy sectors are just two examples of industries that can benefit from the power of quantum computing. The complexity of simulations and optimization problems in these sectors requires the use of high-performance computing resources that are beyond the capabilities of traditional computers. Quantum computing can provide a solution to this problem by offering faster and more efficient ways to process data and perform simulations.

BQP launched BQPhy 0.1, a simulation software suite powered by quantum for enterprises in various industries, providing proof-of-concept projects and simulations to solve complex engineering problems.

“Enterprises and research entities are looking for innovative breakthroughs through simulations to mimic complex engineering environment,” Aditya Singh, founding member, Head of Infrastructure and Growth, BQP told Express Computer. “Our strategic alliance with Artificial Brain will bring advanced technology, deep quantum expertise and value-added solutions helping solve computationally-intensive optimization problems”

Artificial Brain, a quantum computing company, recently reported an advance for quantum algorithms for real-time optimization of Earth Observation Satellites in the space industry and optimal energy source selection in the energy industry.

Jitesh Lalwani, founder, and CEO of Artificial Brain, told Express Computer: “By partnering with BQP, we are bringing the power of quantum computing to our clients. Getting accurate solutions to complex optimization problems is a challenge given the computational bottleneck. Our team is focused on developing quantum algorithms for practical applications to overcome this challenge”

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