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French National Quantum Update: March 2023

French March

Executive Summary

The French quantum ecosystem continues to show signs of growth and maturity. The startups that make up this community are gaining recognition not just among the European business and technology communities, but also are gaining interest internationally. Welinq, which just emerged on the scene, already earned prize-winning honors in a global deeptech challenge. Nationally, France is leading efforts to connect this ecosystem with global collaborations, signing agreements of cooperation with both the U.S. and the U.K.


Government Released First Annual Report

The French government released its first annual report to back up its National Quantum Strategy. The strategy has rapidly entered its operational phase. It relies on the excellence of the national quantum research ecosystem to support both fundamental research and applicationoriented projects.

France, United Kingdom to Set up a Joint Committee for Science, Technology and Innovation

To enhance their scientific cooperation in priority fields such as emerging technologies (AI, Quantum physics), space, health or climate change, France and the United Kingdom will set up a Joint committee for science, technology and innovation as a high-level scientific dialogue, building on existing relations and ongoing collaborations, with the first dialogue to take place in 2023.

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PASQAL Launches First Neutral Atoms Quantum Computing Exploration Platform

PASQAL announced the launch of Quantum Discovery, the first neutral atoms quantum computing exploration platform. The program allows users to build their understanding of quantum computing, discover real-world applications for neutral atoms quantum computing and explore how their businesses could benefit.

Welinq Among Winners at Hello Tomorrow’s Global Challenge Startup Competition

Welinq, a French quantum technology startup, was among the deeptech winners at the Global Challenge, an international startup competition organized by Hello Tomorrow. The competition, which named 11 winners out of 70 finalists from around the world, is designed to address the needs of early-stage deep tech startups across all industries.

OVHcloud purchases its First Quandela Quantum Computer to Spur Innovation in the Quantum cosystem

OVHcloud, the European cloud leader, further confirms its ambitions and support of the growing quantum computing ecosystem with the purchase of its first quantum powered machine to kick-off new efforts in the fields of research and development. Designed by French company Quandela, the MosaiQ computer is powered by a photonic processor.

Bpifrance: Inside the Machine Powering French Tech’s Rise

Understanding how Bpifrance spent €67 billion in 2022 to fund innovation can be daunting. But its role boosting quantum-computing startup PASQAL demonstrates the breadth of its support.

The Rise of Quantum Technologies in France

With a strategic plan of €1.8 billion dedicated to quantum technologies, France is making quantum one of its priorities. An entire ecosystem is building up with startups, VC funds, and large corporations involved in different aspects of quantum technologies.

Alice & Bob Selects Quantum Machines for Advanced Quantum Control Platform

French-based  Alice & Bob, a cutting-edge quantum computer vendor with a mission to develop universal, error-free quantum computers, have chosen Quantum Machines’ advanced quantum control platform, the OPX+, to power their advanced quantum computer.


Quantum Computers That Use ‘Cat Qubits’ May Make Fewer Errors

Researchers in France found so-called “cat qubits” (quantum bits) could reduce errors by quantum computers and accelerate the cracking of common encryption algorithms.

Open Source Variational Quantum Eigensolver Extension of the Quantum Learning Machine for Quantum Chemistry

The research team introduces the OpenVQE open-source QC package that provides tools for using and developing chemically-inspired adaptive methods derived from unitary coupled cluster (UCC). It facilitates the development and testing of VQE algorithms and is able to use the Atos Quantum Learning Machine (QLM), a general quantum programming framework enabling to write/optimize/simulate quantum computing programs.


Quantum Topic Among Winners of My Thesis in 180 Seconds

 “Computational Power and Structure of Linear Optical Quantum Computing” was among the winners of the My Thesis in 180 Seconds contest at the Universite of Paris-Saclay on March 15. Nicolas Heurtel presented this thesis at the contest.


CPHT Condensed Matter Seminar Held

A Centre de Physique Theorique researcher discussed selected applications of the holographic duality (AdS/CFT, gauge/gravity duality) in strongly correlated systems, in particular the description of strange metals. The talk served as a  broad review of holographic strange metals but also includes some recent original results. The seminar was held on March 14.

National Quantum Strategy Day

National Day of Quantum Strategy was held on March 30. The event was part of “France 2030” and  included ministers Sylvie Retailleau, Jean-Noël Barrot and Olivier BECHT, in the presence of Bruno Bonnell, Neil Abroug and Alain Aspect.

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