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China’s New Laser Annealer Designed to Increase Quantum Chip Quality and Quantity

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Chinese quantum computer developers and scientists may now have access to a laser annealer to increase production of quality quantum chips, according to Global News.

The news outlet, based on Chinese media reports, said that engineers have developed the country’s first MLLAS-100 laser annealer, which will help solve instability and increase production quality as quantum bit numbers increase.

Origin Quantum Computing Technology, based in Hefei, East China’s Anhui Province,  developed the device, adding that it can reach 100 nanometer ultra-high positioning accuracy to achieve the laser annealing in a single qubit.

The scientists behind the development of the MLLAS-100 laser annealer likens the device to a surgical device for accurately removing defects in quantum chips and enhance chips performance, according to the Global News.

The laser annealer is like a “scalpel” for a doctor performing surgery, which can be used to improve the production quality of quantum chips by solving targeted problems following issues detected by the nondestructive probe electrical measurement platform, said Jia Zhilong, deputy director of Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center.

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The laser annealer will be used with a newly developed nondestructive probe electrical measurement platform, according to reports. The probe is dedicated to finding problems while the laser annealer aims to solve the issues during the production, leading to the manufacture of higher quality quantum chips, Jia said.

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