M Squared Demonstrates Neutral Atom Quantum Computer

Neutral Atom
Neutral Atom

M Squared Demonstrates Neutral Atom Quantum Computer

Calling it the UK’s first commercial neutral atom quantum computer, M Squared demonstrated its neutral atom-based quantum computer prototype at at the National Quantum Technologies Showcase, the Insider.co.uk reports.

The system, called “Maxwell,” relies on M Squared’s advanced laser systems and quantum system integration, with University of Strathclyde‘s Rydberg atom and quantum algorithm expertise, according to the website. Neutral atom platforms use lasers to cool and control atoms to improve qubit scalability and fidelity.

A number of quantum experts suggest the neutral atom technique may be the surest path to quantum computers that can solve practical problems. Quantum computers are sensitive to environmental noise and errors, making them expensive to build and operate. Neutral atoms may be hardier in this respect.

If the collaboration is successful, the team expects Maxwell to handle complex optimization problems, which quantum computers are more adept at than their classical counterparts. It shows that the UK is rapidly becoming a global-leading quantum ecosystem.

The news also shows that M Squared, already a leading provider of quantum technology — including integrated systems, such as quantum accelerometers, gravimeters and clocks — has now taken a leap into quantum computing, itself.

Dr. Graeme Malcolm, founder and chief executive of the Glasgow-based M Squared, told Insider.co.uk: “Quantum computation is not simply a faster implementation of conventional computing, but a fundamentally new and more powerful way of processing information – one that will enable myriad of new applications. The collaborative efforts to realise the potential of quantum computing illustrate Britain’s unique strength in bringing together industry and academia – building on advancements at the frontier of science, out of the laboratory to create real-world applications for the betterment of society.”

Dr. Jonathan Pritchard, project lead and a reader in the University of Strathclyde’s Department of Physics, told the website that the project surpasses a significant technological step in mastering neutral atom techniques.

“Neutral atom approaches to quantum information processing offer unique advantages towards scalable and flexible computing platforms,” said Pritchard. “The unrivalled performance of M Squared’s underpinning technology is a great platform for pushing the limits of these devices in our lab.”

The National Quantum Technologies Showcase event spotlights the technological progress arising from the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme – a £1 billion collaboration between industry, academia and government.

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Matt Swayne

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