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Research into quantum science takes precision and doesn’t lend itself to terms like “quick” and “convenient.” Montana Instruments listens to their customers to undertake these painstaking investigations, saving time and money without loss of precision and effectiveness.

Enter Montana’s latest technology, “The Rook™, the only cryogenic nanopositioner with bi-directional repeatability and multi-axis runout measured on top of a 3-axis positioner under vacuum at cryogenic temperatures. These features provide more stable operations for investigations requiring greater precision.

“We designed The Rook™ for customers performing very precise, complex operations like raster scans in a stitching microscopy application,” said Salvatore Guarnieri, Montana Instruments’ senior product manager. “We’ve provided bi-directional repeatability and full-positioner runout so our customers can confidently move anywhere within the 3-axis motion envelope and reliably return to a point of interest.”

“With The Rook™, a customer can move across the grid on all three axes and reliably find their targets that might be nanometers wide,” continued Guarnieri. “Customers need to find their points of interest regularly along the most efficient path. Having low runout (off-axis motion) and excellent repeatability means they can find and return to those points of interest from anywhere in the three-dimensional travel range.”


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Compatible & Configurable

The Rook™ is designed with compatibility and configurability in mind to integrate into the company’s equipment and their customers’ processes. Guarnieri said their approach starts with a menu of standard options and includes everything from the sample mounting strategy to the I/O feedthroughs (DC, RF, fiber), to the type of positioner used. This enables customers to configure their Cryostation® to suit their unique needs.

“All of our available options are based on building hundreds of systems that work for most of our customers,” said Guarnieri. “For customers who need something different, we have our custom engineering team to design customizations compatible with this modularity. The results are systems that push performance beyond anything else on the market.”


A Galaxy Not So Far, Far Away

An integral part of this compatibility is the ease with which The Rook™ – and other Montana Instrument devices – work with each other by way of its Galaxy Software System. Galaxy provides a touchscreen user interface that offers intuitive and comprehensive equipment control for all Montana Instruments branded accessories.

“When customers start adding more options from Montana Instruments, anything that runs through our software is designed to be compatible,” said Guarnieri. “This means that customers have one supplier to go to, and one customer service call to make to fix problems and keep their research progressing.”

Partners in the Journey

Montana Instruments knows that delays cost time and will impact a customer’s ability to get results. By creating reliable, compatible, and configurable systems, Montana scientists and engineers are building systems based on real customer needs.

“We are partners in the journey,” said Guarnieri. “That relationship is key to achieving tried and trusted results. We can’t have market-leading cryostats unless we’ve partnered with the customer. Our decisions are about them, not us.”

The Rook™ Cryogenic Nanopositioner is now available for purchase.

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