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Infleqtion Unveils SupercheQ, a Quantum Advantage for Distributed Databases

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Insider Brief

  • Infleqtion announced the development of SupercheQ: Quantum Advantage for Distributed Databases.
  • The company reports that the advance applies  quantum computation to applications involving distributed data.
  • SupercheQ has been experimentally validated by execution on superconducting quantum hardware from IBM Quantum.

PRESS RELEASE — Infleqtion, a global quantum ecosystem leader, today unveiled SupercheQ: Quantum Advantage for Distributed Databases, a scientific advance that extends the power of quantum computation to new applications involving distributed data.

The emergence of commercial quantum hardware has been accompanied by new approaches to benchmarking quantum computers. In addition to application-centric benchmarking approaches such as Infleqtion’s SupermarQ suite, scientists have developed benchmarks based on sampling from random quantum circuits.

These benchmarks, including Quantum Volume, have enabled effective cross-platform comparisons, but until now have been disconnected from specific applications of quantum computers. The launch of SupercheQ changes this, by endowing these random circuit sampling experiments with their first application.

“SupercheQ achieves an exponential advantage for one of the most fundamental tasks in distributed computing: checking if two files are identical,” said Pranav Gokhale, Vice President of Quantum Software at Infleqtion. “We leveraged recent advances in quantum information theory to show that the same families of circuits behind quantum volume can be used to realize this advantage.” Gokhale will present SupercheQ on December 8th, at Q2B in Santa Clara. Q2B, the world’s largest non-academic quantum industry conference, brings together over 1,000 attendees from commercial companies and research institutions from around the world.

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SupercheQ has been experimentally validated by execution on superconducting quantum hardware from IBM Quantum, which also pioneered the invention of the Quantum Volume benchmarking metric.

“The development of SupercheQ is an exciting step forward that starts to connect the dots between quality as measured by Quantum Volume to applications,” said Jay Gambetta, IBM Fellow and Vice President of IBM Quantum. “The experimental validation on IBM Quantum hardware demonstrates the need for reliable and available hardware to advance quantum and build this industry together.”

In addition to the experimental validation on quantum hardware, the team performed large-scale simulations by leveraging NVIDIA GPUs, as well as the cuQuantum software development kit.

“The launch of SupercheQ expands the possibilities of the tasks and types of data that can be addressed by a quantum computer,” said Tim Costa, Director of HPC and Quantum Computing Products at NVIDIA. “The team’s use of NVIDIA GPUs and cuQuantum has enabled them to validate SupercheQ’s practical value at the scale of future quantum computers with hundreds of qubits.”

SupercheQ has been integrated into SuperstaQ, Infleqtion’s flagship cloud quantum software platform, and the technical details behind SupercheQ have now been released in an academic paper, SupercheQ: Quantum Advantage for Distributed Databases in the pre-print server ArXiv.  

Customers can get started today with a qiskit-superstaq tutorial notebook. SupercheQ is also in a private release as a new benchmark available in the SupermarQ suite. The development of SupercheQ—which requires both quantum computers and quantum networks—originates in Infleqtion’s platform approach, spanning multiple quantum technologies. “We believe that the greatest advances in quantum will arise at the intersection of quantum computing, sensing, networking, and clock technologies,” said Paul Lipman, Infleqtion’s President of Quantum Information Platforms. “SupercheQ is an exemplar of this approach.” 

About Infleqtion

Infleqtion is building an ecosystem of quantum technologies and commercial products for today, that will drive the company and the entire industry toward tomorrow. The company believes in taking quantum to its limit and leading from the edge. Infleqtion is built on 15 years of pioneering quantum research from ColdQuanta. Its scalable and versatile quantum technology is used by organizations around the globe and deployed by NASA on the International Space Station. Infleqtion is based in Boulder, CO, with offices in Chicago, IL; Madison, WI; Melbourne, AU and Oxford, UK. Find out how Infleqtion is building the future at

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