Chad Rigetti to Step Down as Rigetti Computing’s President and CEO

Chad Rigetti

Insider Brief

  • Chad Rigetti will transition from his position as President and Chief Executive Officer to focus on advancing the company’s products and technology.
  • He will continue to serve as CEO until a new chief executive is appointed.
  • The company plans to conduct a search for a new CEO.
  • Image source: Rigetti Computing

PRESS RELEASE — Rigetti Computing, Inc. , a pioneer in hybrid quantum-classical computing, today announced that the Company’s Founder, Dr. Chad Rigetti, will be transitioning from his position as President and Chief Executive Officer to focus on advancing the company’s products and technology. As part of this next phase of growth, the company will conduct a CEO search for Dr. Rigetti’s successor, and Dr. Rigetti will continue to serve in his current role until a successor is identified and assumes the position.

“Chad is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of quantum computers. His vision and leadership have been instrumental in bringing Rigetti to where we are today,” said Cathy McCarthy, Chair of the Company’s board of directors. “He has built a talented and highly capable team with strong and deep technical expertise to drive our business and technology. We thank Chad for his leadership and continued contributions to the Company going forward.”

“I’m incredibly proud of the accomplishments of our team over the past 9+ years,”said Rigetti. “We’ve built the first dedicated quantum fab, brought some of the very first quantum computers to the market, and developed a strong and differentiated technology position. I believe the combination of our multi-chip superconducting processors delivered in our hybrid quantum-classical computing model can become the standard in quantum computing. I’m looking forward to continuing to advance our goal of delivering quantum advantage to customers in industries like finance, logistics, and national security.”

Rigetti is listed on Nasdaq as RGTI.

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Matt Swayne

Matt Swayne

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